JP Morgan ISSUE!!!!


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know, has any one heard from jp morgan? been offered the nurmerical test or a place? etc etc




I had my AD in March.

You heard anything yet?


got rejected :frowning:


awh, Sorry CK. I am sure there are other opportunities out there that you can grab, hopefully its not far away. :slight_smile: keep on applying, the trick is never to loose hope. :slight_smile:


hey username

had ne luck wit the gard schemes?


Hi CK.

Yeah, I got in on the JPM Tech Internship. :slight_smile:



congrats! woohoooo!

now u can get me in :slight_smile:

all the best! make sure you can secure a perminate pos after!



Hi username,

I’m trying to apply for investment banking autumn JP Morgan internship. just wanna ask you is it hard to be accepted for internship? is the competition as tough as graduate scheme?



Hi JK.

Thats great to hear that you are applying to JPM. Internships as you know does not cater for everyone interested/applying may be because of the huge volume of applications recieved to a firm and the limited amount of intakes it can cater. But having said that, they provide a really good source to understand and know a particular business area. Therefore, applying for internship is challenging both intellectually and psychologically.

I say intellectually because not only you have the sample questions to answer on the forms, but you also have to know/show the business area of the appropriate firm, the numerical and verbal skills and personal competency. Psychologically because it is a long and lengthy process where you have to maintain your confidence and charisma simply because you do not know when your luck would shine. (personally I had applied to about 20 odd firms before i got into this) so you gotta keep it going even when the going gets tough. Keep your targets in sight and keep applying.

To conclude, I believe impossible is nothing. Make sure you apply with full concentration and submit it as early as possible so as to be considered at an earlier stage rather than being at the mid or bottom of the list. Make sure you understand the Investment Banking sector in regards to JPM, the news and latest dates. Lastly but most importantly, keep your numerical and verbal skills up to date and keep practicing practice SHL tests.

As for the competition, I have found JPM’s policy to recruit interns to be one of the best in the industry. For if they find in you the skills and dedication, they will hopefully hire you. There is no such competitions between candidates as - as long as you show yourself to be up to the work and match their requirements, you will get an offer. However, dont take it as a guarantee from myself.


hey CK

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You heard anything yet??


Many thanks for your detailed explanation and motivation!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, does anyone know how to find the HR manager name of JP Morgan in UK?
Ive tried using LInkedin but unsuccessful=(