JP Morgan Interview


Hi everyone, I’m applying for the finance division, and got lots of rejections already,but just heard from JP for the first round interview. It seems like this is my only hope!!! could anyone who’s done it share some experience plzzzzzzzz? thanks soooooooo much!!!


cong. is it intern or graduate?


it’s for intern… what about u?


purely competency based.


Hi hadwohken, u seem have done it,how did urs go? and could u please give a bit of more details like the Qs u get asked and what kinda case study, group excercise they were…
thanks very much!!! and wish u the best with ur applications


Hi all, just wondering if you could possibly assist me. I have a interview for the finance graduate position coming up and I was just wondering what the structure was and what sort of questions they ask you. It says there are two interviews. On some of the threads I have been reading it states that people have been asked questions such as 18x17 or 5/11 to do in their heads. Is this true and was there any commercial awareness questions during your interview or was it purely competency based. Additionally, was there any trick questions or questions such as what is an IPO or a current asset etc. Any help would be great, Thank you.