JP Morgan interview 2010 intake


I have been invited for a first round interview for Ops & biz services. Its a telephone based one. Is there anyone else who already did the interview with JPM this time. I have been invited for interview after 3 weeks since doing the numericals…hence I reckon someone who havent heard from them after numericals, have passed the test and its only about when they will hear from the HR for an inteview call. Pls post the interview questions if anyone already had the interview.


hi akoo,

which region did you apply for? i applied for ops in apac and did my numerical about 1.5weeks ago. do you know if they are calling up for operations now? thanks!


Has anyone heard from JP Morgan Asia for the Sales and Trading analyst program?
i have yet to receive even an invite for any online tests. =/


Nothing from IBD in Hogn Kong either!! any thoughts?


@ canyon …sorry mate, i have no idea about apac…i applied to emea region.


hey akoo

which division u apply for? mines stil under review.



hey CK. i applied to ops for jan intake london



i applied to technology role for jan in take london.

Have you heard any thing? had a test or stil under review?



hi ck…i had the test and passed and looking forward for the interview…


they have telephone interview as the first round…which uni are u studying Ck


hey akoo

when did u apply and when did u hear from them?


Has anyone been to the interview phase, or experienced yet?


hey liathach…

u will find a lot of info abt telephonic interview and assessment centre oat this link:


Hey Akoo

u seem like the boss here. I have applied for a graduate role in business and operations division London and i have been invited for online numerical test today. I have 5 days from now to complete it… i am so scared of this test. Online numerical test is one of the reasons that i never got a placement. The company online numerical test that i passed they always kick me out after the final round interview. I have failed so much of the numerical test and i feel this is a time for change. I am ok with verbal but numerical i find it difficult and also the timing as well is a disadvantage to me. Plssssssssss i am soooo desperate to pass this one…i can see that u passed yours please how did u prepare for it? how did u do it?? how difficult is jp morgan numerical test? did u finish your test if not how many questions did u answer from 20?? i guess its shl… Please advise me i will really appreciate it …


Hi guy I’ve got an interview coming up for operations and business, unsure about what they’ll ask if anyone can help/or has been through the interview I would greatly appreciate any advice, thank you! The online numerical for JP isn’t that bad, it’s similar to SHL.


Hi discernme i applied too for operations London. I have done my online test 3days ago and havent heard from JP morgan. when is your interview?? and when did you do your online test??. How many days did it take JP morgan to get to you after your online test?? Please get to me asap i will appreciate


I completed my online tests on the 4th, they got back to me yesterday and I have an interview on Thursday. I think you’ll get a reply today or tomorrow.


it shouldn’t be longer than 5 days, i finished my tests on the 4th and got a reply yesterday.


oh sorry, my interview is on thursday. I dont have a clue how to prepare, need help!


hey discernme…

i have an interview coming up next week… could you please tell me how it went?? and wat u were asked?? i applied for ops & biz rev. as well…

help from you will help so much!! also… any idea of how many graduates they are taking…??