JP Morgan- IB Risk-London 2012


Hello guys, did anyone fill up the application for JP Morgan’s IB Risk Programme?
I sent my application today, does anyone know how long does the whole process take?
Will you be doing an online numerical test or is it going to be tested at the First round interview sessions at their offices?

any insights will be highly appreciated.



hello abhilash 08,

I just got sent an invite for numerical test…I had also applied for IB risk London 2012…did u get one too ??


i sent an application around 2nd week of sept …hope that helps …


@ds766: yes I sent off my application last Wednesday, 28th, got an online numerical test invitation today.

Gave them just now, pretty standard SHL, 18 questions in 25 minutes.

Good Luck!



ok…is it jst numerical questions??? and was it more of requiring long calculations with lots of information or was more of problem solving???
I hope u nailed the test. :wink:


@ds766: yes just numerical reasoning ones, as you will find with other Investment banks.
Thanks and good luck for yours, hope you nail it too!



Hey guys,

I applied for the summer internship.
Do you have any idea how long it will take before they give an update on the application status? I did the online test a week ago, and am still waiting. It’s a little nerve-wrecking because I want this one so bad:)


hello jobhunter_1,

How long did you get the online test inviation after you submitted the application? I applied for off-cycle internship last weekend but the status is still ‘received’.

Thanks a lot.


hey litloser,

i had to wait around a week before i was sent the online test. i guess they have a pre-screening process and that’s why it takes some time.

best of luck!


Hi all,

I applied to the IB grad scheme as well around the end of september, but hadn’t had any email correspondance from them.

Are there deadlines to comlete the numerical test because after signing in I found I was invited to the online test but dont know if I completed on time?

This was a few weeks ago and I havent heard anything back yet.

Good luck all!


Hi guys,

I sent my application to IB Risk on 13th September and was invited to tests on the 30th. After completing these, I was contacted on 6th October to confirm my invitation to the first round interviews. My interview is next Tuesday in London and I’ve been told I will have two 30-minute competency based interviews in addition to maybe having to complete further numerical tests. Does anyone have any idea as to what questions may be asked in the interviews? Any advice would be extremely helpful for me going into them (I’m afraid they’re going to tear me to shreds). I also completed a 12-month placement last year in Finance for GDF Suez, how likely is this to have an impact on my potential recruitment?

All the best to everyone else applying to the role! I will document my experiences after my interview next Tuesday to assist others in my position.


well done on the interviews jim. when you were invited to do the tests was it just an invite or did it give you a deadline to complete it in?

if they are competency based I am sure you will be fine, especially with your experience in Finance. the later round will probably be tough when you will need to research more about the industry, company etc

good luck mate


Hi, pendresc

When I was invited to a numerical online test, they asked me to finish the test within 5 days. Hope this could help you.

Good luck.


thanks litloser

good luck!


Thanks very much. Yes, I had a deadline to complete the tests too. Fingers crossed I’ll get through to the next stage, best of luck to you all.


Hi Jim1109,

Your interview has long past, but you are yet to document your experiences as you promised. We are all hear for you to share your experiences…

Hope to do so soon,



@ litloser:

did you hear from them yet?? ( …for the off-cycle internship)



Hi guys! Who knows what status on application page should be after finishing online numerical test?
I have “Online numerical test in progress” and I still have the button “Re-start Test”. Is it fine or should I take the test one more time?
Thanks in advance)


Hi mastoraris,

They haven’t got back to me. It has been two weeks after I finished the online test. What about your application?


Hey jim1109,

Any advice on the first-round?