JP Morgan IB Risk First Round Interview

Morgan Stanley

Hi All.

I’ve been invited for a first round interview which consists of 2 competency interviews and a numerical test. I have a few questions if anyone can help me.

  1. For the numerical test, they have asked me to bring a calculator, however other threads here mention calculators are not allowed in their tests. Could someone clarify?

  2. the wikijobs page for JP Morgan interviews mentions that the first stage includes 1 competency and 1 technical interview. However the email from JP Morgan explicitly states that there are 2 45 minute competency interviews. Does anyone know whether there will be a technical interview?

  3. IB Risk is split into credit risk and market risk according to JP Morgan’s grad website, however there is nowhere on my application specifying my preference. I have read on wikijobs that they only recruit grads into credit risk, however I read on another thread that people applied specifically for one or the other. Can anyone clarify this point?

That’s about it for now! I appreciate any advice anyone has. My interview is on Tuesday 3rd Nov, anyone else who has interviewed for any role with them, please feel free to leave some general info!

I’ve had interviews with ubs, deloitte, morgan stanley, e&y if anyone wants some info on those!



I had my interview last Monday so:

  1. yes you need a calculator
  2. i had 2 competency interviews- one solely competency and the second one included your motivation for applying
  3. i asked them that question- they only have spaces in credit risk this year but once you’ve completed the rotation you can move to whatever risk dept you want depending upon whether they have opportunities there or not.

just make sure you have lots of examples ready for the competencies. they are all very nice and relax you early on. Good luck with it.


MY interview is on 5th of November. Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you guys .


just have loads of examples ready for competency questions: the usual teamwork, leadership, communication. think i got asked about negotiating and helping someone as well. i got asked a little bit about hedge funds but don’t worry too much as i didn’t really know much about them but they help you a long. they are all very nice and relax you early on. just be yourself and have a few questions ready for them at the end.
good luck


I hand’t done a paper based numerical test in ages, and it caught me out.

It was shl, but just the presentation and layout of the questions threw me off and I lost some time reading and gathering info.

Only managed to complete 15 out of 20 questions… :frowning:

Thankfully the 3 others with me also did approximately the same number of questions.

Also when they ask about a news story, don’t mention cadbury-kraft because everyone else has done so! I started speaking about this story, then saw the executive’s eyes roll, so I quickly changed tack and spoke about the timing of the deal instead, then I moved on to another article I had read.

Good luck.


Hey guys very useful comments all around. I have the same 1st round sessions at JPM on the 13th. From your summary, I take it it’s 1 comptency bases and 1 motivation based interview then and an shl test. Are there any bugs in the interview I.e. Non standard questions? Any specific competencies other than communication, teamwork, organisation and leadership skills? All advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


p.s. Moondog

What did they ask you about hedge funds? Any technical q’s at all?

P.p.s. Bobjim
How’s the paer format of the SH(hell) test different?

Again, really appreciate any feedback. Stressing out on sat night jot doin me much good lol.


my hedge fund was more like what did i know about them- how would invest money if i was given £50 million, like would i put it all in one hedge fund? also does age matter when investing money? nothing that was technical really as i knew very little about that but i was able to get through the questions as it was more what you thought was right. plus i actually said that i didn’t know a lot about them so couldn’t say too much and they didn’t seem bothered about that as i had at least given some sort of judged reasons to what i thought.
good luck


Thanks a lot moondog and goodluck to you too.


What I mean’t was that after doing loads of tests on the computer and getting used to the colours, style and information, it took some time getting used to the paper based test (all the graphs were in various shades of purple!).

I think I over relied on my calculator too. I think I should have done some quick mental calcs first to see if I could eliminate any answers to save time. You do get slightly less time (1 min per q.) on the paper based test than the online test.


has anyone heard back from JPM Risk first interview ??


not yet. when was your interview?


on 5th of November… I was told that we will hear today or tomorrow… Let’s see


on 5th of November… I was told that we will hear today or tomorrow… Let’s see


yer i heard back the day after my interview that i was through to the assessment centre. unfortunately didn’t get the job in the end. but they do it so they that they tell everyone who is going to the assessment centre on the saturday at the same time so everyone has the same amount of time to prepare for it. you should hear back soon.


Pity you didn’t get the job… How was the assessment center? I have one coming on Friday for Technology and will appreciate some advice. What was the topic for a case study and presentation?
Thank you


wow thats fast moondog. I interview 30 october but still nothing from them… Anyone know whats going on? I should have received a reject letter by now? There are people that had their interviews after me that are through to the second…


i had my first round on 3rd Nov and called today to ask for an update. I spoke with the woman who handled our interviews and she said that they will get back to us in a few days.

Didn’t sound too positive though, they might have a policy of waiting till everyone who they invite back confirms before rejecting others.


Well that should be the case… :frowning:


anyone who has gone through to the final round?


have you heard back from them?