JP Morgan IB Risk assessment centre


hi…has anyone attended the IB risk assessment centre for jp morgan for 2010 graduate position??can anyone plz share!!..thanks


Hi unicode,

I just read your post and I suppose you have already been to the assessment centre for IB Risk. I have been invited as well for the graduate programme starting in 2011. I would be glad if you could share your experience with me.

Thank you in advance.




i have been to a AC for IB Risk 2011. it consists of a case study,roleplay,group excercise and 2 competency based intervies. All is very easygoing and friendly, cool your nerves it should be OK.

Still haven’t heard back from them yet, anyone have? It’s for the 2011 IB Risk analyst position…


hi drago123,

they should let you know within 72hours since the AC. could you provide more details about the case study, role play and the group exercise?? what kind of material are you given? what about the presentation-had you done any preliminary reading or they just give you few minutes there to prepare yourself? how many persons is the team composed of? the interviews was competency based or more technical? because my 2nd interview in the first round was totally technical. I know that’s a storm of questions but I have no previous experience of AC.

I would be glad if you could provide some further details.

Thank you in advance!!!



Would you mind sharing how long did they take to get back to you after first round?

thanks in advance.


in my case it was only 4 days after the first round interview. I have not attended the AC yet though.

Could you give us some more details about the AC, since it seems you are the only one that has already attended one?



Hey Stroumfita,

Any tips as to what to expect for the case study? Any prior prep needed?

Many thx indeed!!


IB Risk Summer
The day starts with breakfast.
The first activity was a presentation. I was told beforehand to select an article from a financial publication, and that there will be a discussion with the assessor. The discussion was quite in formal but make sure you do a lot of research on the topic because he will ask you questions regarding related topics.

I then had a group exercise. No prior knowledge is required. We had to choose a charity for the risk department which we were going to support. Pros and cons are discussed based on your own general knowledge. Make sure that you take part in the exercise.

The last activity involved 2 interviews. Competency questions involved: A time when you were successful and unsuccessful both, a problem that you resolved, a conflict that you resolved, Y JP, Y risk y not trading. Questions also involved Credibility and integrity and examples of people who you think possesses one of these. Just be confident and DO NOT REPEAT YOURSELF.



About the article from a financial publication, what kind of article is expected? Articles on or the economist are usually pretty short…