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Has anyone who applied for the graduate IB position heard anything back?? I did my numerical reasoning and SJT over 3 weeks ago and still nothing. Kind of getting tired of applying now to be honest it seems not having a degree in Economics or finance means I cant get a non HR job in the corporate world


even having degree in finance doesn’t help. I have applied as well, and took numerical test, but haven’t heard yet.


I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said they received a large number of applications. Do you have banking experience ??


They rejected me 2 months after passing their tests. You never know with these applications some say not getting a rejection means you shouldnt lose hope, but some say if you dont hear back from them within 1 month it usually means a no. Btw having a finance degree doesnt help you they just want you to be from a top 5 university thats it.


Well then in that case i have no chance lool. psychology degree from a top 20 uni but definitely not top 5. Who else have you applied gor? I have dont DB aswell done their test and now i am waiting. In total i have 17 apps pending within IB and corp finance loosing my mind slowly. what did they say to you in your email??


Well I applied to every IB that had a graduate program in Dubai. JPM DB BOAML BARCLAYS CITI GOLDMANSACHS PWC (corporate finance) shell etc etc. I still have 4 apps still under review since months. Like CITI and GOLDMANSACHS both under review since 5 months. Dont know why they havent rejected me yet. Nothing worse than false hope. I think CITI might have a hiring freeze with everything going in the US. They failed the stress test.

As for the email I got well it was this "We have carefully reviewed your application and after due consideration, have to advise you that we will not be progressing you to interview stage.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in J.P. Morgan."

It was shocking since I was told by people that if you got invited to the test that means they are interested in your app. anyways good luck with your apps


I still haven’t heard anything back… No news is better than bad news?


Okay so maybe i will hold out a little hope. I received this message today


Thank you for your interest in an IB Analyst position in London. We have received an overwhelming number of applications and our selection process is taking longer than anticipated. We apologise for the delay and will get in touch with you as soon as we have evaluated your application.

Kind regards,

The J.P. Morgan Recruiting Team


Did you get the application status email aswell??


Dont lose hope until you receive a rejection email. I did not receive this email, but got the same response when I emailed them. I got something similar from Citi who havent rejected me still so it could be a good thing. As for the application status email if you mean after the test? I got an email where they said they are reviewing my results and will contact me shortly. After a week my status on their site went from test completed to under review.


Hey, sorry it’s a bit unrelated but I applied for an internship 4 and half months ago and I’m still under review, can you tell me how you contacted them? I can’t seem to find any contact details?



You guys realize that graduate programs are filled much earlier, do you? I mean, it’s May, training starts in July, that’s it. There might open up a spot here and there due to someone rescinding or due to some extraordinary circumstances (f.e. health issues) but that’s highly unlikely. Just wanted to remind you to cast your net as wide as possible for other opportunities.


Yes but JP morgan does not usually do a graduate ib program they usually fill the positions with interns. This year they had spaces so they only advertised it around February ending. There is no set norm for this program because it hasnt been done in years. and JP morgan is known for taking 3months to reply to graduates


Hi since you seem to be the only person also wiaitng, I contacted them and they told me they will be releasing interview dates over the next 2 weeks.


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