JP Morgan Graduate Finance Interview - First Round


Hi everyone, i’ve got an interview for the JP Morgan Graduate Finance Programme 2011 intake. I’ve been told there are two 30 minute interviews in the first round. Could anyone share their experiences of these interviews? Possible interview questions? Commercial awareness questions? Career motivation questions?

Appreciate any help



Just been through interview process with JP Morgan. I wasn’t applying for a grad scheme but I think it will have taken a similar format.

My first of the two interviews was mainly based around my CV - more personal questions about my work experience, university experience, interests, etc, followed by a few questions as to what I understood about the company and the job itself, and also what I felt I could bring to the role. Also, what I though might be expected of me in the position I’d applying for. The thing they were looking for most here, I think, was that I was able to back up everything I had said on my CV with examples. They then asked a few competency questions, but indicated that the second interview was to be more competency based.

As far as their interest in commercial awareness, they made it clear that they are keen to hear how much you know about JPM as a company (and what you like about it), where you think a job with them might lead you (career motivation), what you know about their biggest clients, and how the current market might affect all of the above. I’ve also heard of people being asked what other companies/businesses they admire, and to describe something in the news that had caught their interest.

As implied, the second interview revolved almost solely around competency questions, specific examples I had were:

  • Describe a situation when you have disagreed with another person and have had to convince them that you are right
  • Give examples of your ability to work within a team
  • Describe a time when you have made an improvement to an historical process
  • Describe how you organise your working life so that the work gets done
  • Give examples of the way you demonstrate leadership skills
  • Give examples of the way you demonstrate problem solving skills
  • What three things would you say are your best qualities?
  • What do you think you’ll be doing in the first few months in the role?
  • What would you say are your weaknesses?

In both interviews they asked if I had any questions for them (fairly standard practice in interviews). I had some prepared, purely because I think it looks better to seem interested, but be sure not to ask anything that you could have found out on their website (pretty hard as the JPM site is ridiculously informative). I asked mostly about the training itself, but it can be more light hearted.

Hope some of this has helped, I know I found this site massively useful before my interviews :slight_smile:


Hey man

I applied for Fixed Income in London but nothing yet, passed the online tests.
How long after your app did you hear from them?


Thanks so much for the comprehensive insight! Have an interview tomorrow…


Best of luck!


Hello Guys,

I’m applying for JPM Finance Graduate Scheme. As you guys are through the numerical test can somebody tell how was it? I have give a numeray test for another company but the real ones were ridiculously harder than the practice available.

Please guide me where should I practice from.



@ scisaus

That was amazing insight I hope you have progressed well. I too have an interview with JP Morgan in this format. I will be using your experience as a way to prepare so thanks in advance.

@ betelgeus88

How was your interview? I hope it went well!


Has anyone done a AC for Finance Grad scheme…??

Any advice/tips would be welcome


Hi scisaus,
thank you for the info, very useful :slight_smile:
how about the numeric test with them? what format was it? shl or some other?
i have an intern 1st round interview with them soon and will have to sit it when i get there.
thanks for the help!!


Sorry I haven’t replied again to this thread in a while.
I didn’t actually have a numerical test as I wasn’t applying for a graduate scheme.
I have heard that the only way to get through them is to practice as much as you can. I’m not certain where it is possible to find practice tests.
I know that’s not particularly helpful though, sorry.

Hope that everyone’s applications are proving successful. Mine was :slight_smile:

Best of luck


anyone had a recent interview with jp for the finance programme. Any insight would be helpful.


Check the JP Morgan thread for info about my AC


Hi all,

Has anyone had their graduate schem first round interview yet? Any insight for the structures and questions will be very helpful.

Many thanks and best of luck.


Hi Hol18
Do you mean the interview before the assessment centre?

I had mine a month or so ago. It was a standard interview around an hour long, split up into two parts (although afaik, these could come in either order).

1st part was competency questions, of the sort you filled in for your application form. Try to think of some more along a similar vein as they asked me to not give the same example. This was chatting to a nice chap (one of the managers). There was also an “out of the box” question which I think could be nearly anything - this shows you can think on your feet. Mine was about building a robot.
2nd part was motivational - what do you know about JPM, financial services, who would you say was a great leader, what do you know about their competitors, what drives you to succeed.
Try and read a lot around JPM, have some case studies that kind of thing. The more you can demonstrate you know about the business and industry the better.

Hope that was helpful.


Thanks VR,

It was very helpful. I assume you are applying for the Tech Scheme and waiting for the AC. Good Luck and all the best!


Hi guys

thanks for the help - really useful!

Does anybody know any of JPMorgans clients???


Hi guys,

Ive got an assesment centre next week for JP Morgans Finance Graduate scheme. Just wondering what i should learn and what the structure of the day is and what type of questions people got asked in their interview?

Any help would be great. all the stuff posted so far has been really useful!



went to AC to jp morgan finance programme… waiting for the answer now.
I think most of the activities were mentioned here already but I’ll repeat everything I remember…
I found this forum very useful… so decided to share also.

1st: Competency Based: tell about a time of a good team work, problems in a team, time when you influenced someone, when you changed something, showed leadership, you biggest achievement + in the end question how would you invest 10,000 pounds?

2st: Motivational + Commercial Awareness: questions around your cv (why you uni, why your degree…), questions around your application (dont forget to review what you submitted), why jp morgan (!!!know all the divisions in jp morgan + all functions that are within finance), you have to know the company really well, how its is different from competitors, why finance, what do you think they are doing in finance, whats going on on the markets now, how new regulations influence the bank, tell any recent news, what are jp morgan competitors…


  1. Logical Test: i dont think there is any way to prepare for it (you are given a set of cards and you have to find a logical pattern in them)
    2)Individual Case study + Presentations: Case Study is about 3 potential targets for acquisition… and with the information you are given you have to choose one. If you dont have financial background read carefully and understand the glossary that they send before the Assessment Day (to understand the case study and information provided). Then you are presenting your results and are asked in the end how do you think you performed? what would you do differently? like giving feedback to youself
    3)Group Work (based on the same case) but now you have some new information and you are discussing it in a group.
  2. Self Awareness Interview: 15 minutes about how you think you performed on the group work and 15 minutes why jp morgan, why finance, what motivates you, where you see youself in 5 10 years.

Hope this is helpful,

Best of LUCK)))


BTW does anybody know whats the salary for the scheme?


Very nice Graduate4989, thanks for the experience.
Salary starts between 34k- 36k depends on the scheme. Good Luck