JP Morgan Graduate 2019


Asset Management analyst


Hey, can I ask for how long you received the invitation to AC after completed the video interview?


Hi, I noticed my application with JP updated on 15th Jan, it is the status in my account but I didn’t receive any email.

Does this mean anything? I applied 2 months ago.


Mine shows last updated 05/11/18, which is when I submitted the video interview. The website is so broken though which makes me wonder whether they have my application in the first place or not :grimacing:


Got my rejection today, three months after submitting the video interview :frowning:


I am sorry to hear that. Could you please tell me which position you applied?


Corporate & Investment Bank - Investment Banking Analyst Program


Thank you. I applied for Asset Management, still waiting, but I think I will get rejection at last.


Mine is also updated on Jan 10. Still no response. It’s been nearly 3 months since my video interview