JP Morgan Graduate 2019


Hi there!

Has anyone applied to JP Morgan for 2019 intake and been invited to attend an assessment centre yet?

I applied for the global finance and business management programme and completed my video interview a couple of months ago but still haven’t heard back regarding the outcome.

Can you share your experience etc. please? Thanks!


Applied to global finance and business management summer internship programme and haven’t heard back too!


Same for me, I completed the video interview about a month ago and still havnt heard anything.


Thanks guys. That’s strange because I know someone who attended JP Morgan assessment centre two weeks ago but she applied to a different programme so maybe different programmes run assessment centres in different months.


Same here! Haven’t heard anything after my video submission


How long has it been since you submitted? and what program did you apply for?


People have already been offered the job for this role. They will send out rejection emails soon (at least for the grad scheme)/


which role?


Same. Applied for global finance and business management. Had my video interview 3 weeks ago but i have not heard back . Happy i’m not alone cause I thought the video interview went well.


has anyone’s status changed on the JPM portal? i applied to global finance and business management!


Hey! Yeah it did I just checked. It’s “under consideration” now. Is it like that that you too?


same !!


i have an ac upcoming next week?? has anyone been to ac already?


Did you get an invite after the video interview?


what programme did you apply for ?






I applied for few graduate programs, and had my video interview more than 1 month ago, didn’t hear back yet.


I also applied for some programmes and still waiting for the response!


I received a rejection letter for a position today. Still have 2 left.