JP Morgan Global Multi Asset Group 2012- Asset Management Application


Did anyone apply for JP Morgan’s Asset Management programme?
I applied for it in september and completed a numerical test on 23rd September however my status has not been updated after that.
Did anyone get a call for first round interviews and what stage are you guys at?

Quick response will be highly appreciated.


Hi, I just submitted my application for JP Morgan’s Asset Management program!
Have you done the numerical test yet?
Is it from SHL or others?


Hello I completed it, it’s SHL.


Anyone got invited to the AC? I completed the test 3 weeks ago and sent them an email to chase, no reply so far. Guess it is not a good sign…


No invitation here yet, test completed but still under consideration…


Just had my email through to complete my numerical in 5 days. Any advice on how to go about revising for this test?


Hi, I got a call yesterday and scheduled my AC next Wed (30/11), anyone going as well?


Ill be there. Mine is for Investment Management Services, what about you?


same here. I think it’s the AC for IMS applicants. Do you know how many people they are taking this year?


Wishing you guys best of luck in ur AC.



Thanks solomonlazio

@BigCityLife, have you received the detail about the AC? they said it would be out this week but I haven’t heard anything from them.


Did you guys receive an invitation to take a verbal test too or was it just a numerical?


Hey man. They told me the same thing too, but as I hadnt heard from them, I contacted them on friday and asked. All i got back was an email saying the AC was between 9am and 1:30 pm. They didnt specify any details on what activities we would be doing, so im clueless in that regard. You got any ideas about what the day may involve?

Obviously an interview is gonna happen, but is it going to be 2 or 3 like they have in IBD, with one comp, one technical and one brainteasers? Group exercise? Presentation? Numericals?

I really have no idea what to expect.


I have no ideas either. I would think a competency interview and group exercise (probably presentation as well), and some tests. Afterall it’s only 4 hours, I don’t think they can do too many things in that time frame. I would be a bit worried if there’s a technical interview.


Hello all,

Please can someone help with what to expect on JP Morgan technical interview? I applied for Technology role and I was told there will be a technical test on that day of the interview as well.
Any assistance will be much appreciated!


Have you had any feedback from the AC yet?


Did anyone have an AC in Global AM Fixed Income?



I’ve applied to AM-European Equities. I’ve done the numerical, and verbal test as well as the personality questionnaire. I then got a phone call from grad recruitment asking me to go into the JP Morgan offices to take a J.P. Morgan Asset Management Problem Solving Exercise assessment.

Has anyone got any experience in this or got the same invite? I have no idea what to expect.

Quick responses would be appreciated as its tomorrow (Tuesday 20th December).



Hi, sorry no idea about J.P. Morgan Asset Management Problem Solving Exercise assessment. But would be great if you can share your experience tomorrow…what do they ask, how long, difficulty etc. I am presently working with Barclays and can help with questions on their process.