JP Morgan First Round Interviews


Hey guys,

I have recently been forwarded to do a first round interview at Canary Wharf. I’m not quite sure whether or not it should be seen as a problem but I have applied to two divisions within the company and have applied using separate applications. The problem is that I have received an invitation for a first round interview in both divisions but on two different days within the same week. I’m keen on joining either division but I do not want to come across as an individual who wants either job. Should I withdraw one of my applications and focus on the other or should I simply attend both and state my reasoning?



Congratulations on the interviews! Which departments have you applied to?

As you are allowed to apply to up to 3 roles I believe, there shouldn’t be a problem, alternatively email HR - in my experiemce they are relatively quick at replying!

Can I ask how long you had to wait for your numerical after submitting your apps? thanks!


Hey, thanks for your response!

I’ve applied to both Finance and Market Risk. For the former, it took them around 2 months to respond whereas for the latter only two weeks. I don’t believe they do numerical testing for screening any longer as it states online on their website that most of the programmes no longer require numerical testing. Therefore, I simply submitted my applications and directly got interviews for both. It does slightly bother me that they’re both being held in the same building though. Is it likely that I will get interviewed by the same interviewers during both sets of interviews?


Hmm OK, I applied to Credit Risk 3 weeks ago now but have currently had no response.

I asked a contact who completed an internship there this summer and she said she was interviewed by a VP and an MD from the risk department. So I imagine you would have different interviewers, unless some departments use HR to conduct the interviews…

No numerical - that’s so strange, are they only doing paper tests this year?


I think they’re only starting to respond during this week in particular. For finance, I applied in the first week of September and got a response two days ago so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. They’ll respond soon to your application.

I’ve read on forums that they generally are members of the J.P. Morgan divisions to which you’re applying which would be great. However, there is the possibility of receiving an interview with a recruitment agent so while small, I would run the risk of interviewing with the same individual on both occasions.

Yes, I had a look at the J.P. Morgan website again and it stated that there would not be any numerical tests for the divisions between the application and interview stage. In addition, even during the AC there is unlikely to be a numerical test either. I’ve heard that there is a logical reasoning test though but it is paper-based.


Have you had your interviews yet? - if so I hope they went well?!

Can I ask if you were applying to internships or the grad programme as I still haven’t heard anything :confused:


Have you finished your first round interview yet? I applied for the CIB risk and got an interview invitation. They said the interview is going to a two-hour one. I’m wondering is there any numerical or logical questions in the first round interview? Or just for the competencies? Cause I think two hour will be a long interview if only competencies are involved? Just curious what kind of programme are you applying? Grad or intern? What type of questions did they ask you?


Hi All,

Please if you had your first round interview (technology) at Bournemouth 10/02/15, have you received any feedback? How long does it take to hear back after first round interview? Thanks