JP Morgan First Round Interview - Operations Specialist


Hi guys,

I have scheduled a first round interview with JPM for the position of Operations Specialist Graduate Scheme.

Has anyone done the interview yet? How was it? And what kind of questions do they ask?

Any advice will be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:



only received this email ages go, no more news from them

Dear xxx

Thank you for your application to J.P. Morgan.

We are aware that many of you are either in the process of or have completed online testing. This email is just to remind you that we review all applications as they are submitted, but we do not make any final decisions until the 25 November 2012 deadline. This is to ensure a fair process for all candidates.

Many thanks for your continued patience.

Kind regards,

The J.P. Morgan Recruiting Team


It consist of two competency based interviews which can be from people of levels from associate to managing director and you might be asked to do the numerical again. How long ago did you apply? And how long did they take to get back to you?


Hi Kingsley,

I too have progressed through to the interview stage but am unable to book an interview as there are no available dates.

When do you have yours?

I’m thinking more dates will become available in the next week or so.



I got through to the first round as well… but cannot seem to get an interview slot, when is your interview Kingsley? Do keep us informed on what you face on that day.
I was thinking of emailing graduate recruitment today regarding interview slots, but there seems to be no contact number or email available on the website.


I haven’t actually managed to book an interview slot yet. Have you? It is annoying that they do not have a number that I can call for help and I am not sure when will there be new slots coming out :S


no slots for me as well… its really annoying…


hi, has anyone managed to book their first interview for this programe? i have waited for 3 weeks and still unable to book one…


Hey tt_rodrigo2439, I have also been waiting almost a month to try and book my first round interview… coming up to Xmas now so it seems unlikely we will be able to do interview before 2013!


Hi guys!

Has anyone managed to book an interview yet?


Nope. Still nothing. I will let you know when I do.


Hi guys,
r u applying for graduate roles or internship?


Thanks and likewise! Not sure about the others, I’m applying for a grad role, yourself?


Just booked mine. 9th Jan.


Cool aaro90! Is urs for a graduate role or internship? Cos i applied for a graduate role but cannot schedule myself for an interview for a month now



Hey guys, got an email from them today saying the only date left for ops interviews is 8th Jan, the email advised me to log on and book my interview, so those of you who may not have heard back I think this week they are finally opening up slots! Managed to book mine for a grad position…


Hey Gunner4life, thanks for your comment. I have scheduled an interview for the 8th too. Do u reckon this is the very first interview for JPM Ops? I don’t think many ppl are invited for an interview if this is the case since there were only two slots available and there is only 1 day for the interview …


I too have booked my interview for said date. I guess if this is the only date available then they are not looking at many Operations candidates. This would make sense as I imagine a number of previous JP interns have been converted to the Graduate Scheme and hence their external Graduate requirements will be low.


Hm I’m not too sure about it being the first but it’s certainly the last. I have been looking on the net but can’t find anyone who’s had one before though? I suspect there will be around 10 of us on the 8th though - mix of grad/interns. Yeah I think this is the first year of the specialist scheme so you may well be right and there may only be a few spaces. Either way I see their process as pretty rigorous, 2 x 30 mins interview and if you make AC a similar interview or 2 etc… Daunting!!


I have registered myself for the ops specialist interview as well for the 8th, when i registered only 2 slots were remaining… anyways i guess that’s that… i mailed the HR woman and she said the interview will be competency based. Still i am unsure whether to prepare the numerical again… any ideas guys? on what to expect that day?