JP Morgan Finance Jan 2009 - start dates


Does anyone know the starting date for the Finance Graduate January 2009 scheme.

I went for the 1st round of interviews today and the lady organising the process told me that all grad positions will start in September 2009.

Either this is true or she was talking nonsense.

Has this been the case with anyone else ?


For finance it might be true. I heard they’ve filled all their positions for finance for the Jan 2009 start date so then the next start date would be Sept 09. Are you applying for Bournemouth or London?


I’ve applied for the London office.


I am in my 2nd year and i am going to submit my application for Summer internship with JP Morgan. The deadline for Summer scheme is 4 Jan 09. So if this year i dont get the offer, can i re-apply to JP morgan for Graduate Scheme in less than 12 months? Because many banks and firms require that it must be at least 12 months till every one wants to re-apply. If so, I may miss the deadline for Graduate Scheme next year. It makes me really wonder now coz i apply quite late and if i cant apply in the next 12 months i may wait for the graduate scheme next year.

Does any one know the answer? even for other investment banks like MS, GS, Barclays?


Hey SethMonster…please can u post your first round interview questions and the overall experiene…it would be very grateful.thaanks


Hey Minty! the questions were about teamwork, problem solving, conflicts in teams, leadership skills. All those were asked in quite a lot of details - why, how, where, when etc ?

Also the famous why JPM and why finance.

What area are you applying for ?


Thank you so much…I have applied for Finance graduate london…also i have heard dere r 2 interviews n a numerical test…is dat all for the first round?..and the numerical test is the same shl online one or different?



I did’nt have a numerical test during the 2 interviews. Maybe I did’nt need to re-confirm my results from the online test.

Have you not given your interviews yet ? … are you on the September intake ?


Hi all, I have just completed the online numerical test, just would like to know what will be next? Is there a verbal test to do as well before the interviews? And whats technical interview about?

Appreciate it if you can share some experience please.


I got an email today from JP Morgan for a first round interview for the Finance 09 scheme, it mentions in the email that there will be 2 30 mins interviews back to back with managers and alumni, can someone tell me what sort of questions would be asked and how to answer thm. Also it mentions that there might be a numerical test, is it going to be a similar one to the online SHL one.

Replies will be appreciated, Thanks, Hasham


Hey guys…I have gt an interview coming up as well for Finance September intake…Hasham they mentioned a numerical test as well…i tohught that was for the assessment centre?
Guys who have gone through please could you tell us the format for the First round

Thanksss a lot!!



Even I have an interview for JP Morgan Finance, but have no idea as what to expect on the day - although I have not yet booked it. Has anyone passed the First Round for JP Morgan Finance interview? Chucky? SethMonster?


You’ll get the tips from a post I made before. On this same page.


Okay thanks…so the standard competency questions, nothing about the technical stuff…like product knowlege ?? thanks


I wasnt asked any product knowledge, mainly on past experiences etc.


Thanks a lot:-)


well it seems tht competency it is thn, no technical stuff, but as everyone knws, the old style questions, why JPM and why Finance are a must, how to prepare for thm, this is my first ever interview and I am so scared.


if there is numerical test at the interviews, will they provide calculators to us? anyone knows?


I hrd tht it is without calculators.


Its without calculators dats what it says in the interview email…whoever given the test its not like SHL rite?