JP Morgan - Finance First Round Interview - Questions - 2016 Intake


Hi Everybody,

I have just had my first round interview for JP Morgan for a finance analyst position. When I was looking through the forums there wasn’t much regarding the 2016 process so I thought I would post any questions I struggled with in the interview (I am firm believer in karma - Im still waiting to hear)

There were 2 interviews, one is more competency based than the other. I felt the competency interview could have gone better but my second interview went well so I hope thats enough to get a call back. Just to let you know, I didn’t have any online test before this interview and I attended in person so these are the questions that I can remember because I struggled with them.

In my first interview, questions that really caught me of guard were:

What are you doing right now outside academic, work experience e.t.c. to further your understanding the needs of people. (I went with community service)
In your thing (community service for me), what difficulties did you have - this question would have been easier if i had some something easier for the previous question.
If China had an economic downturn, what would the ramifications be for the global markets and specifically developed economies such as the USA and the UK
If you have deadlines for multiple projects where the deadline could not be moved or extended, what do you do ? ( I said work flexibly - but he really pushed me for more, so I went with things like working lunches)
Pros and Cons of Brexit

I hope this helps and I really hope I make it through to AC



PM me if you need more info, I will help anyway that I can :slight_smile:


Did you hear back regarding the AC?