JP Morgan Finance Assessment Day


Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone can share some tips about the assessment day in JPM, particularly for Finance graduates? I am going to have one in December, and trying to prepare as much as I can now…

I was told by HR that there will be a presentation and a group exercise, and further interviews. So these are my questions:

  • What will happen in the group exercise? how many candidates for a group to discuss? Is the topic we are required to discuss also the topic for our presentation later on?
  • Is the presentation 1-to-1 with an interviewer? how long will it be? were you asked any further questions? any tricky ones?
  • what kind of questions were asked in the interview 2nd round? are they competencies based, or more related to Accounting & finance? any brain teaser kind of questions?

Many thanks !!


i have one also. has anyone done it?


Hi - i am on step behind you guys - have an interview later this month - my main quesition i would be grateful if you could help with how much emphasis there is with technical questions? or is this just touch upon in the usual motivation type questions? any other points would be gratefully recieved

thank you forum


did you guys have phone interviews etc? in the email i was told group exercise, 2 interviews, numericals again…


Hi guys…

Im a finance grad too…
I applied to JP on deadline day (9th November) yet no response on my application. I applied for investment banking. Any guys apply for the same route and receive feedback yet?




Did you guys get a date for the assessment centre for Finance.

I was told it will be in January but no actual date. And also that all positions will start in September 2009.

Is this the same information everyone is given ?


anyone ?


I got an email today from JP Morgan for a first round interview for the Finance 09 scheme, it mentions in the email that there will be 2 30 mins interviews back to back with managers and alumni, can someone tell me what sort of questions would be asked and how to answer thm. Also it mentions that there might be a numerical test, is it going to be a similar one to the online SHL one.

Replies will be appreciated, Thanks, Hasham


hey I hav an JPM assessment day coming up - altho not for finance what should we all expect from the case study and the presentations?


Hey bus3a2m, could you please give us some information about the first round interview at JP Morgan for Finance.

Thank you.


hi ether,

When do you have the assessment centre and which department and role is it for?

I had passed the interview but received an email saying all places are full for 2009.!!




Hi there,

I have a first round interview followed by an assessment center on the 19/20th of February. I have applied for finance. did anyone passed the AC? can you please share your experiences? shikamaru86, how did your AC go? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks


hey happy.

is ur postions for intern or grad?



hey CK,

It’s for graduate position. How about you?


hey happy

I had passed the interview but received an email saying all places are full for 2009.!!




hey happy

I had passed the interview but received an email saying all places are full for 2009.!!




Hey ck, I wonder why they are still assessing, if the places are full??/ I would really be disappointed if they are not recruiting!! So how was your first interview? did you have the numerical test as well??



Does anyone have the assessment centre on the 20th??


Hey, happy123,

I think we r on the same boat. I have one AC with JP for the finance graduate programme on the 20th Feb, so i guess i will see u on this Fri. How is ur preparation going on. To be honest with u, i just started TODAY… my god…


hey blessedme,

good to hear there is someone else… i’ve started preparation today as well and im not sure what to prepare for to be honest… apart from the usual company knowledge!!! do you have anymore info on the group excersise??