JP Morgan Finance Assessment Center on 13th Dec. of 2012


Could anybody who attended the AC on 13th Dec., 2012 share the experience? What is included in the case study? What is the format of group discussion? What questions were asked in the final interview?
I have an AC in JP morgan to attend next Wednesday and have no clue about how to prepare for it, thanks very much for any advice and help!!


sorry, the year should be 2011 in title and I applied for the 2012 Finance graduate program.


Hi, goodluck with your assessment centre today. Could you please shed some light on the first round interview you had? I have mine in a few days and I am quite nervous as I really want this job. What was the technical side like? Was it just the normal what is 17*21 or 5/11 or did they put in more advanced questions? Did you have to redo your numerical test? Did they ask you to define anything in investment banking or finance like what is share capital or IPO? Any other advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks