JP Morgan Bournemouth summer internship, NEED HELP!


Hey guys,

I accepted an offer for a summer internship in JP Morgan in Bournemouth. I’m from Ireland so will be looking to live there for the summer! I’m at a bit of a loss as to logistics.

Anyone have any tips where to stay, how much is rent, etc?? I read somewhere that they do shuttle buses, any truth in this?

Cheers in advance!!



I’m also working there this summer but struggling to find any accommodation. I have been calling up a lot of property agents but they either don’t do a 10 week let, or if they do it’s at ridiculous prices as they charge holiday prices. So I’m looking at uni accomodation as that seems pretty cheap.

I emailed JP Morgan and apparently there are shuttle buses from the city centre (station), boscombe, Winton, Poole, Parkstone and Branksome.

Have you had any luck?

And what are you working in?

Hope that helps a bit!



Yeah I got sorted. Emailed a guy on I’m staying on Queensland Road it’s a half hour walk from the office. Cheers for your help any ways!

Haven’t heard where I’m working! I emailed them my CV a few weeks ago but heard nothing since then apart from to send a picture and an interesting fact. Do you know where you’re working?

I think there’s 20 or so intern, looking forward to it!!


No Problem! Yeah same the interesting fact was the last thing I heard from them. Not sure either where I will be working, guess we get told closer to the time.

Pretty sure I’m staying near Christchurch just getting the last things sorted. Be interesting to see where everyone else is staying!

It should be a good summer :slight_smile:


Try Boscombe and Winton

  • JP Morgan bus picks up at The Banks bus stopin Winton and at Boscombe bus station

Checkc on Spare Rooms for inexpensive rooms.


Hey guys,

I know I’m quite late but I’m still having problems trying to find accommodation for the internship this summer.
Would you guys have any tips on which areas would be favourable in terms of distance and commute?

Thanks a lot!
I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Hey ashankar,

I’m going to be living in boscombe it’s about twenty five minutes walk south of the office! You Should have gotten the shuttle bus time table so I’d say if you live close to the routes you’re doing ok.

Also, I fly in on Sunday afternoon so do yourself and mvp2012 and any other interns want to meet me at the reception of the Marriott at say seven pm? Maybe watch the final of Euro 2012 together over a few cokes? No beer we probably shouldnt be hungover on our first day!!



Hey Darragh,

I just managed to book a room in :
Cranborne House
St Pauls Place

It lies on route 5 if I’m not mistaken, so it should be alright. Boscombe is good, close to the beach right? should be awesome! Thanks so much though!

Definitely, I’d love to see the game with all of us there.7pm on sunday sounds good , see you guys there! Vamos Espana!




Yeah sounds great, see you then!



Hi there, could you tell me the contact email you used? I need to contact JPM this year to find out about their buses! Thanks