JP Morgan Audit Graduate Analyst 2012


Anyone shortlisted for Assessment Centre for this program???


Hi auditinbanking,
Have you gone through to the telephone interview already?
I am having mine this thursday. Could you give me any hints for what you have been asked please?


Hi, I have an telephone interview on friday. I believe it is for 30 mins. I am assuming they will ask 20-25 questions atleast
let me know how your goes. good luck


Hi all,

Mine was a 10 minute interview ( or perhaps less than that) and it just had questions on why JP Morgan, why Audit , tell me about your passion etc. It is a preliminary screening, so it was chilled out and the interviewer was very jovial.



S.s, where did you get the idea of 20-25questions? That’s loads! Did you mean 2-5? I will let u know how mine goes. :slight_smile:

Auditinbanking, Thanks for your response!
I have asked the gentleman who called me to arrange my interview, he said he will give me some situations and see how I will react on them. I am a bit confused now! but he did say the interview will only last for no longer than 20mins.

When we fill the application form, they have already asked us to attach a document to answer why JPMorgan, Why Audit etc already… The interviewer asked you the same thing again?.. My goodness… I am so nervious now!!!


Hey, How did it go? Wasn’t it a short chat about JP Morgan and why audit as I said ?


Hi! Yes! It went wel! And yes! it was like what you said …and it was a very relax chat only! He asked why I am interested in audit and I believed we spent most of our time to talk about that… The interiewer was very very nice as well!!!

Thank you very much for your hints!!!

Did you go through any face to face interview or go straight to assessment centre?
Hopefully, see u in the assessment centre at the end! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I have my telephone interview this Friday and im really nervous. Can you please help with the sort of questions they ask ? What should I expect ? Apart from why audit and why JP Morgan, what kind of questions do they ask ?



Hi! I am having my face-to-face interview tmr in London… I am so nervous too! Could any one can tell me what questions should I expect please?

ms86, no worries! when I had my tele interview, my interviewer has just asked me 2 or 3 questions and you should not have problem to answer them… but make sure you aim at finishing the whole interview within 15 mins to 20 miins as this was my interviewer told me!


Thanks mvm, really appreciate your support. Can you please let me know what questions did they ask ?

Best of luck for your interview :wink:


Hi mvm!

Congratulations for getting to the face to face stage!

I may have a face to face interview next week and I have no idea
What to expect either! so was wondering if you
could let me know what questions u get asked tomorrow?

Thank you! All the best!



What kind of questions were asked? I hope you got through. I have mine coming up on Monday. Quite anxious.

Your help would be much appreciated


Hi kinectic!
Hope your interview has gone well,
I have mine soon and was wondering whether you could let me know what kind of questions you were asked asap?
Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi guys,

I need some help with the face to face interview, can someone please let me know what to expect ? What questions do they ask ?

Would really appreciate your help.


Anyone through to the assessment centre stage for audit?


can anyone help me with the interview please ?
haven’t got much time left. what kind of questions do they ask ?