JP Morgan Asset Mgmt Grad prog

J.P. Morgan

Just saw this on my application page for emerging markets AM.

"Thank you for your interest in J.P. Morgan.

Due to our current recruiting timetable, we are putting your details on hold until we are in a position to consider your application further."

What is their recruitment timetable and any ideas what this means? Am i rejected or will I be considered if more positions become available?

Funny how these guys can never provide a straight answer…


Just found out the same thing as you abi_ibd…

I applied AM FIM

I think we would be considered only if others fail in their interviews.


Got same message here, I applied to AM - European Equities.
Is anyone applied for AM invited to an interview?


same here… it means places have been filled…


i applied for emerging markets am beg this week. was asked to do numerical this thur. did they ask u guys to do numerical test as well or were u straight away put on hold?


did the numerical test and verbal test straight after applying… they seemed to screen the app’s before inviting you for the tests…


so after you did all that they put you on hold?




great. well im sitting mine now. looking forward to receiving the hold message :slight_smile:


I had completed the test on Friday, but no updates on my application status. =/


anyone else got the ‘status update’ mail ?

straight to AC if you pass the screening…


radualex, just got it!
i guess we all have to wait until december as stated!


Could u guys explain what that is?


Hey guys,

have anybody of you got in touch with HR team? It seems that the opinion of what on hold really means differs :slight_smile:


the message basically said that everyone is on hold until early december when they’ll reject all those not selected for ACs


since i’ve been put on hold, but received no such ‘status update’ email, do u think it means a good chance of rejection?


i hope so…

no,i’m joking… the email was not from HR but from the AM team to they probably haven’t looked at yours yet…


you guys don’t have first interview??


there will be an interview after the AC…


just got invite to do verbal after completing numerical over a month ago. confused as to why i got it so late and others recieved a short while after numerical.