JP Morgan Asset Management



I applied to JP Morgan Asset Management a few days back and was asked to complete the numerical test. I’ve completed it and status says that my application is under review. Is everyone invited for the test? Any idea when interviews start or have they already started for Asset Management?


would anyone have any information at all about when they plan to start sending out decisions about the numerical tests?! Its strange that people have info about pretty much every other bank except for JP Morgan!


how was the numerical tests?


the numerical tests were OK , not too bad at all, you should be fine if you did the SHL tests for practice


does anyone over here know how JPM is progressing with interviews?


It took them over a week to get back to me on the numerical test and then you’ll proceed with the verbal reasoning.


well, I completed the numerical almost three weeks back and then still haven’t got back to me regarding the verbal. Which division did you apply for?


Asset Management - global portfolios… I did it around the 12th, and got a response on 25th. Nearly 2 weeks. What’'s division did you apply to?


I hate the verbal reasoning tests. i just did the numerical. I applied for european equities.


ricky, I applied to Global Multi Asset Portfolios, did the numerical test and then my status said ‘Under Review’ , havent heard from them about the Verbal test. Not sure whats happening.


Could anyone please send me shl questions?I’m preparing for jp morgan numerical test.Thanks


pollok, you can practice those tests on the SHL website as well as on efinancialcareers.


Hello everyone,

I ve applied to the Global portfolio.
received email for numerical on tuesday, did the test saturday and was asked by email today to do the verbal test


info for everyone who has applied to JP Morgan Asset Management-- please don’t worry if you haven’t received the invitation to do the verbal test especially for those who have applied to the Multi Asset portfolios group. This group asks you to do only the numerical. I believe there are some other groups as well within Asset Management l who don’t ask you to do a verbal test. I thought I’ll share this info just in case some of you are still waiting for the verbal test.


Anybody received an interview or AC invitation for any groups within AM?


hi, I’ve got the 1st round interview 2 weeks later, but I haven’t done the numerical test.

I have to do the test after the 45 min interview.

anybody got the similar situation?

btw, I’ve applied for the IB risk department.


@ ivyzhou when did u submit ur appl? its kinda strange that you’re taking the test after the interview not prior…

I’ve applied to Asset Management - European Eq. division (full time) around 3rd week of Sept and got to do the numerical test probably within less than a week from then. My application status says “Under Review”. Anyone else in the same boat or has had an invitation to the 1st round of interviews?


Same boat palasenok…



what was it that you applied for? internship of grad ft role?

Did you get an online numerical test? Was it SHL type?



I have applied to the technology role for Jan 2010 start.

However my app is stil under review? Does ne one know how long it will take to b invted to a test?