JP Morgan Asset Management Problem Solving Exercise


Hey guys,

I’ve recently been invited to take the Asset Management Problem Solving Exercise and JP Morgan’s office. I’m told it will take about an hour but that is pretty much it…

Does anyone have any information at all about what this might involve? Quick responses would be appreciated as mine is rapidly approaching (tomorrow at 4!)



Probably a bit late, but for those to take it in the future - you can’t really do any preparation for this. They give you a bunch of cards, and you have to work out (using maths and logic) the missing info on the cards. Fairly time-pressured, so work quickly.


Hey guys,

Did you find out how many people got through to this round in the process. I asked but they wouldn’t say and just wanted to know what our chances are at this stage.


Hey guys,

Did anyone get invited to the assessment center?


i did mine in december bt havent heard back yet, anyone invited to assessment yet?


same here, so far no reply for me either…


Hey, I also attended one of these in December. Has anyone heard back yet, or tried to contact them?