JP Morgan Asset Management Assessment Centre - Investment Management Services



I have a JP Morgan Asset Management assessement centre coming up and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on the format and structure of the event.



I finally got the AC after filling out the personality survey.

Do you still keep the job description when we made the application?

Unfortunately they don’t keep the description for this post on their website anymore…

Thanks for sharing the info and see you in the AC.


I’ve also got the AC (at least I hope so, I was offered the AC before new year, then came home from another AC on Friday evening to find that I had an altered deadline of 5pm that day to complete the personality test).

Apparently there will be a problem solving exercise, group exercise and interviews. I’ll see you both there!


Hey, unfortunately i no longer have the job description. Thanks for the information! See you both there good luck :slight_smile:


It’s fine, thanks anyways!

See ya in London!


Hi, TAGM91,

I will attend this AC as well, any idea about the problem solving exercise? Is it similar to a case study/presentation? Thanks


anyone get an offer? I did, wondering who else I might be working with next year…


Hey guys, I have an assessment centre coming up for the JPMAM COO group, which incorporates investment services, product services etc… I was wondering if any of you could give me some details of the group exercise you completed and also on the types of interview questions asked?

Thanks in advance


hi sharmz_100,

what is the COO group?

I applied to AM Cross asset management but even though the deadline for applications was 25th Nov I still have nonewsfor the AC.

When is your assessment centre?

good luck!


hi sharmz_100

have you heard anything back from jp morgan asset management after the assessment centre? thanks!!


Hi, have you already had the assessment day? I have one coming up if you have any advice that would be much appreciated. Many thanks


Hi, have you had you assessment day as yet? could you please share your experience. Many Thanks.


Can anyone please share their experience … I have an assessment centre tomorrow and they didn’t give me any details. What type pf problem solving task should I expect ?


Great discussion over this topic.


I have an assessment centre coming up for JP Morgan… any advice from anyone?