JP Morgan Asset Management 2013



Has anyone applied for a role in this division?

So far I have only received numerical test for GFICC and have not heard anything since then…and was wondering what the situation was with other applicants



I have not applied yet, but was looking for some help…

Did you find yourself repeating yourself in the cover letter and the application questions? As I would be inclined to talk about why I applied to JP Morgan and that specific area in my cover letter…

Also the 500 word limit is particularly stringent…


yes I found myself repeating but tried to say different things too… yes it is stringent if your over 500 it doesnt let you continue… but its always better to keep things precise anyway thing 500 is enough to make your case.


noodlesandsoup, I applied to JP Morgan (European Equities) a couple of weeks back and did my test as well. No responses from them yet.


hi can someone throw some light on the numerical reasoning …was it an shl based test …or tougher or easier than that ??? i just received an invite for the same and having some background on it would help .


apologies …just noticed that it is a shl test …but can someone tell me if it was tougher than the average sample test they have on their website …thanks for the help.


It was the usual kind. Not particularly tougher or easier. Just take it :slight_smile:


has anyone heard back anything after the numerical reasoning?


I haven’t gotten any reply from them yet.


Hi, Has anyyone heard back anything post thet online numerical reasoning ?


I applied early october for GFICC and have done numerical and verbal tests but nothing heard back so far.


does anyone know an email address that we can possibly direct our queries to. i couldnt find one on their careers website …


I applied for Asset Management GFICC like a couple weeks ago, was sent the numerical reasoning test and then verbal. Haven’t heard anything back, I think the next stage is Assesstment Centre so they may take a while to screen applications? I think


Anyone applied to investment management in HK? Just had a phone interview a few days ago and was wondering if anyone got heard from JPM about the upcoming AC?


has anyone who applied to the london office heard anything?


Hi, I just got invited to a telephone interview with JP Morgan Private Bank, anyone who has the same experience please share your experience, really appreciated!!!


Has anyone heard back for AM - European equities for London? I’ve completed, numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning online tests but still haven’t heard back from them. Website says AC starts 3rd Dec.


@k1987 Where on the website does it say that?


hey k i havent heard anything yet but i didnt do a inductive reasoning test. only did numerical and verbal. when did you get an invite for inductive reasoning. after doing the 2 tests , i merely got an email saying decisions will only be made post 25th. by the look of it , we are all currently on hold.


if my memory serves me right, the job description page for the equities roles had mentioned mid dec as the date for assessment centre.