JP Morgan Assessment Centre (Technology) - Case Study, Presentation + other?


Recently got invited to London for an assessment center.

We all know presentation are done based on your answers to the case study before hand.

But a few more questions:

Case study:
What type? (numerical/technological/ competency/ common sense)
How many pages? Is it hard?
How to answer? (answer sheet/ notes)

How is presentation presented? just by reading notes you take? or through PowerPoint?
How long?
To how many audience? Is it just to one assessor? Or a group of assessors?

Other questions:
Dress code?
Do we need to bring our own equipment (notepad for note taking, stationary, calculator)? Or is it provided?
Time of whole 4 stage assessment?



Did you have the assessment day? How was it? What did you have to do?


I wish i did.

Eventually got rejected that saying after reviewing my application once more they found out that i don’t meet their future graduate programme because i am not in my penultimate year of university.

Fair enough.

But i know i do meet their criteria next year though.


What else can i do?