JP Morgan Assessment Centre Invitation



For anyone who has passed first-round interview and already got the assessment centre day scheduled, how long did it take for that to happen? I received an email from JP Morgan: “… we would like to invite you to an Assessment Centre. I will be in contact with you again over the next few weeks to confirm details for this…”. It has been two weeks since that, and I don’t have any further info from them.


have you checked your application? on mine the booking slots were there for me to book.


Thanks for comments. They should have sent you email to let you know that some slots were available for booking, haven’t they?
Anyway, there is nothing new with my application.
I cannot book flights to go home for this xmas… probably have to buy one at airport, bloody expensive…


hi, whch division of AC r u guys looking for? My fren who applied for asset management said last thurs was their last AC. Operations AC is 7 & 8 jan… I m still waiting to book myself in for first interview of ops division (for which i dun even know whether it is still gonna happen since i m still waiting for reply and it is almost xmas period now!!! :’( any1 have the contact of graduate recruitment team?


They don’t seem to give telephone numbers on the website (not that I could find anyway), it’ll have to be emails i’m afraid


Good luck with this mate,

I have went twice to this but failed the both times, I think I was very close to being hired as I was offered twice to the AC.

I can leave you the feedback that I got and some advise you could use for your benefit.

The feedback I got was:

You were very professional in the role play and was the strongest candidate in that - the reason I got that good feedback is because I acted very calm and polite, welcomed the hypothetical customer to the bank offered him water and the introduction was really nice and professional the assessor said. I also had relevant arguments for my assumptions and advise and I responded confidently when he challenged me. Your interviewer WILL challenge you that is nothing personal only to check your reaction.

In the group exercise I had neutral/a bit negative feedback. The assessors though I was really calm and could have been more assertive while I mad some of my point, but the plus side was that I had relevant comments and was talkative but not dominant in the discussion. In my first AC I was too aggressive in the group excersice but now I was too passive you must find this balance. I am the type of person that very seldom gets stressed and I was in no stress there but I clearly saw that most of the other applicants were very stressed in the group exercise I believe it is not that big of a minus being a bit stressed as it illustrates your respect and motivation to work that. I believe it was even a small minus for me to be too “cool”.

I had two individual interviews as well and messed one of that interview up badly. I had talked to some 12-15 people in the bank before I talked to him and I had asked in detail what I would be doing in the internship to that people. I didn’t ask anything job related in that interview and that is a BIG minus as I came across unmotivated and probably as “one of those who are only here for the potential $$$ he will make”. Make sure you ask about the job and be enthusiastic about the job. That is what they are looking for, you will get as well highly technical broad question which you cannot prepare for really. Just stay current with the financial world, what has happened, what transactions are currently in the making, what would you have done in this situation and so forth. I was able to answer all of these questions fairly well I believe exempt that I was not able to name that Japan bank that bought Lehman Asia operation which was Nomura btw.

Bottom line is: stay current, be confident, be enthusiastic, be professional, be highly motivated and be highly motivated!!

It is very difficult to get in there and they are very intelligent, professional but nice to you. They slightest mishap can get you out of there I got even a minus for my nonverbal communication, everything counts!!!

Good luck!


iceman thanks for sharing your AC feedback. Just one question, how did you manage to get two AC when only one application is allowed?


thanks for that iceman, just out of curiosity what division did you apply for?
also tabbycat are applying for a grad role?


I had one for autumn internship another for winter that is two academic years… at least according to JPM definition.

Applied for IBD.

BTW I am having a telephone interview at Barclays Capital next Tuesday has any of you experienced that?


yeah i had mine a a few weeks ago and theres a thread on it somewhere here which is 100% accurate on the questions theyll ask


thanks for sharing your very interesting experience iceman!


thanks for that, very useful, especially your tips on being assertive and enthusiastic!


@Joe Young, What division did you apply for? And have you been invited to the assessment centre?


@Joe Young, What division did you apply for? And have you been invited to the assessment centre?


I have an assessment center for Asset Management soon. Yourself?


@JoeYoung Not just yet, still waiting for a reply, did you have a telephone interview or did you progress straight to the assessment center. Because its quite different for the Asset Management. I applied for GFICC.


I skipped the telephone interview stage. I applied two days after the opening date on the 3rd Sep.


Hi Joe Young!
Do you happen to know when is the AC for JP asset management Graduate 2013? Rather december or January? Have you heard from them?
I have applied early in october and I haven’t heard back yet …


BTW: I have applied to European Equities Grad. What about you?


There were two AC’s held last Friday, I don’t know when they are having more. One girl told me that she applied late so I’m not too sure why you haven’t heard back from them.