JP Morgan Application



I’m currently filling in the summer internship application and it asks:

Are you also considering a graduate career in any of the other following industries?

Management / Strategy Consultancy

IT Provider / Consultancy



My question is would my interest and commitment for Investment Banking be questioned if I was to say I was also considering accountancy (given the current doom and gloom surrounding the IB Industry) ?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!!


heya, I applied for a graduate position at JPMorgan and answered that question by saying that I had applied for Consultancy Management and Accountancy. I think it shows you are dynamic and adaptable, also that you have other skills to offer which IB can draw upon.


Thanks for your help! Just out of interest, which role did you apply for? Did you have a summer internship at JPMorgan or any other IB?


yeh i had a summer internship at another investment bank, but it was a back-office role, so I wanted to apply for front office roles this time around. I applied to Sales and Trading - what programme are you applying for?


I’m applying to the investment banking programme but feeling quite pessimistic about my chances knowing countless others will have a stronger academic record and a stronger CV.


@Native tongue - depends on what you mean by academic record, i do know that they like to recruit from good universities if thats what you mean?


I’m currently at a top 10 university, but got in despite underperforming at A Levels. The reason I mention it is because I’ve spoken to others with better grades who in the past made 15+ applications and got nowhere. I know there’s nothing I can do about it now except to keep applying, but still can’t help thinking about it…