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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if online numerical test is a part of JP Morgan application stage?? I know ML,Credit Suisse, Barcap etc. use tests straight away after your initial application and they don’t give deadlines on tests. But I received an e-mail from JP Morgan saying I SHOULD complete the numerical test WITHIN 3 days. I don’t mind taking tests, but i was just wondering if they have screened my application or not, and if they invite all applicants to take tests.



I wouldn’t have thought they invite all applicants to take the test. If in doubt, call up HR and ask them what the process is. Good luck!



I have a 1st round interview with JP Morgan Risk Management programe. Can anyone pass some tips or information. It would be a great help



Hello Arun,

Is that for graduate or summer internship program?

My application is for summer internship and it is currently on hold, which probably means rejected.

I am confused, 1st they said they have reviewed my application and invited me to take online numerical test, then i got an e-mail saying i was successful at tests, but they are not in a position to CONSIDER my application yet. bla bla bla.

is anyone in the same situation?


Ah i applied for an internship on monday but have not even been invited to tests yet, which is somewhat annoying! I’m not sure why either, i have all the standard ECs and on track for a 1st from Cambridge…

How long did it take to be invited to tests for most people?


I applied a week ago and I also haven’t been asked to take the numerical.


Hi meritoctat,

It is Graduate program. In your case it is good news that they informed you about the result of numerical. As you know the recent developments within JP and the turbulent financial markets, all these issue could lag the next stage of your applications. So hope for the best to turn up.

I have 2 rounds of interviews and a numerical on my 1st round interview. I am doing my research and other preparations. I will definitely inform you and everyone with the progress.
Again, friends please pass me any information which you thing will help me.




I would say they took around 2 weeks to invite me to online tests.




Hi Arun i have a first round interview with JP Morgan Risk Management programe , could you please share your experience, what type of questions did you have, did you have to take a numerical tests, any information would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.



Yeh I submitted my application, then told to do a numerical test, since then my application has been under review for around 2 weeks now, I think I may be rejected.


Hey everyone,
I just received an email from JPMorgan asking to complete an online personality questionnaire. I am not sure if i have done anything like that before and would appreciate any advice. They say there are no right or wrong answers, but clearly they must be looking for some particular qualities to filter a few candidates during this stage.

Any ideas how to prepare for this? or maybe tips on doing the test?? Apparently, there is no time constraint.



Hi everyone. Was invited to take the online numerical by JP Morgan. It’s 21 questions in 22 minutes. Any idea as to how many one must get right to pass on to next stage?



Its an SHL test and the minimum benchmark to qualify is 60%. Try to make atleat 15-18 correct. Good luck with your test.


hi guys, i have completed online application form for JP Morgan but it’s under review for the last 2 weeks now. do you guys also wait for such a period before an invitation for online numerical test OR waiting for such a long period means i will probably be rejected ? Many Thanks …


Don’t know about the other guys, but I got an email invitation about 1/2 days later, what division are you applying for bunnu?


i applied for Technology - Graduate - London - January 2009 and my application is under review for the last 2 weeks or more. thanks


everyone on here is either applyin to technology, operations or risk!! I feel left out applying for sales and trading! lol!


Im in the same boat as bunnu…I’m yet to hear back. I applied to operations division though… I heard that they’ve filled up their posts in london though…



I appiled to technology, I passed 1st round screening, then passed the test, and got an email saying i haven successful but havent heard any thing for 3 weeks now!!

How abt every one else?