Hey Guys,

Anyone been to JP Morgan’s AC here? Pls I need some tips. Anything you say would be helpful and will be highly appreciated.



hi there,

have you had the assessment centre yet?


@ farhan786

No, man. I don’t know when they’re gonna invite me but I am still open to any tips and advise that could be helpful. Anybody to help, plsssssssssss???


they gave me an invite for friday (29th oct) but then called me a day before to say the session has been cancelled and more dates will be launched next week. When did you submit your application? and is it for grad role or internship?


@ farhan786

I submitted my application some time ago. I did the first round of interview last Tuesday and it was for a graduate role - Operations and Business Services. What role is yours for? and is it grad or intern?


@ farhan786

What format did they say the AC was gonna take in the earlier invite they sent you? I mean, will they be role-plays and in-trays???


I’m going for internship in operations so I only have to do an assessment centre. You will have to do a case study presentation, group exercise and 2 one on one competency based interviews.

Do you mind giving me a detailed overview of the first round and what questions they asked you? I will get back to you with more info on the case study and group exercise as soon as I find some.



@ farhan786

no word from you yet, farhan?


hey guys,

I applied to JP Morgan Finance department, heard back from them today and i actually have a first round interview coming up next week for it. they said it was gona be two 30 min competency based interviews…

this is my first grad interview so was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what to expect or what type of quesitons ther gona ast etc?

PLease help!! lol!


btw mine was for a graduate role if thts any help :S


Hey congrats! Did they say you may have to do a numerical test too?


there might be a numeric test to validate the online test you have done. But I was told it is gonna be relative easier (without the calculator tho).
@ fdk786, when is your interview? Mine is on next Tuesday, first banking interview for me too.


Oh ok. I didn’t think there would be numerical for internship. But oh well need to brush up as I haven’t dne numerical since jp morgans online one!


@ farhan786, sorry I dont know if there will be a numeric test (normally the paper one) for internship. i referred to the graduate role.



na mines on wednesday lol. man in nervous. is it likely that thers gona b numerical test for us aswel? will eb allowed calculator or not?


Hey dgreat,

you have pm


I had mine yesterday too. How did you find it? I found it pretty much standard, but there were some out of the ordinary questions too. Any word on when you will hear back?


there were some different questions but all in all, i found it quite good. the interviewers were really friendly so that helped quite a bit. tbh i actually heard back from them a couple hours later saying i was through to the next stage… hopefully youll hear back soon too


Oh wow! Congratulations…:slight_smile: yea hopefully they’ll get back to me soon, the suspense is too much to handle :S


where did you have yours? in London?