JP Morgan 1st round (Risk Management)


Hi everyone,

I have a 1st round interview with JP Morgan on 7th October. There are 2 rounds of interviews and a numerical test. If someone could pass me some tips or advices about what they ask, it would be grateful.



Definately be some [[competency based interview]] questions. Also, did you see the [[JPMorgan Interview Questions]] profile?


Yes, i checked it. It’s helpfull.


Dear Arun

How was your interview?? What all questions did they ask you??Both the interviews were competency based??
Can you please help me out with all the questions they asked you??



Hi cyco,

Sorry to be late in replaying.
What position are you applied for?

I had 2 rounds of interview, one hr each. One was with an Associate and the nest with a Business Manager from credit risk. It was a mix of competency based and the few questions regarding the current issues about Mortgage industry. It’s good to know some brilliant points about JP Morgan and about the position you applied for. They also asked me in-depth about my dissertation as I graduated on last year. They asked question about the approach I took during the research time and the challenges I faced. Besides competency questions entails team working, leadership, motivation and communication skills.

I believe this will help you.



thanks arun!!!

I have the interview for the same risk management. What was your preference??Was it market risk or credit risk>?? Were there any brain teasers?? How did it went??



Interview was fine and I applied for Credit Risk.

The people interviewed me were very cooperative.

They asked me couple of brain teasing questions associated with my thesis. My thesis was on Portfolio management of assets and liabilities cyclical and counter-cyclical relations associated with business cycle. Half of my interview questions were pointed to my research. They asked my opinion about the current movement in the bank’s asset liabilities portfolios are because of bank specific or business cycle reasons. Once thing is you could expect 3-4 associated questions regarding each question they ask, they are counting on your explanations and justifying points.

Besides one think to worry is the numerical test. They won’t allow you to use calculators. Though it’s quite easy and few questions are yes, no, and cannot say. They simply are checking logical reasoning capacity.

In JP Morgan interview varies according to the profile of applicants. The other candidate interviewed was asked about the definition of Standard Deviation, that guy applied for Market Risk Position.



Thanks a tonne Arun!!It really helps…I have started preparing for the interview!!!

Do you have any other interviews?? From my side, I am still waiting to hear from Barcap, Cleared the application review for Deutsche and completed the online test, and hsbc…

Thanks once again!!!I really appreciate…


No worries and wish you all the best on your interview.

I am waiting to hear from BarCap, Deutsche and Credit Suissee as i completed the numericals and verbal.



How did you find these tests - i.e. which company’s was the easiest, which the hardest - or were they all roughly similar?


Well, about the online test (SHL and PSL) they are more or less similar in the sense calculations are very basics like percentage change or difference, ratio and all. At assessment centres the only one difference is, it’s a paper based test. From my experience they won’t fully assess you according to the result. They will go for an overall performance of the candidate. At JP you could expect 25 questions that you need to solve with in 25 min. It’s easy and just practices some online practice test. You could find free practice tests at e-financial careers and SHL.

Just follow the links below



When is you interview date?


It is tomorrow!!!..Looking at some basic stuff!!!


All right…wish you all the best.

They will only inform you the result on 27th this month. We have to wait such a long time.


How was your interview?


Hi Arun

My interview were primarily focussed on competencies. I had two interview with different people from Market Risk. The first one was more of normal CV questions, then teamwork, communication, conflicting team members and all that. The second one was more on the why market risk, motivation, achievement, strengths,weakness…etc. the only finance question was the latest news which has attracted attention. And so there was a discussion on the credit crunch…and so on…

Then came the numerical test. I believe I did ok, although it was quiet tricky…as in without calculator.

Regarding the results, I asked them, but they had no clue about any specific date!!!Lets c what happens
Who told you about 27th…the person taking the interview??


So it’s very clear from both of our experiences that the interview varies according to the profile of applicants. Anyways we will wait for the result and about the date I confirmed it by calling the risk management graduate recruitment team. The number is included with the confirmation email for the 1st round interview.

Did you hear anything from Deutsche?



No dude…I have not heard anything from them…my application stage is “Interview Process” but I dont know when that will happen. I called them yesterday, and they said that I will hear something in the coming weeks. The interviews for risk management have already started. Also, waiting to hear from Barcap, Credit Suisse, HSBC, CITI


Mine is also on the same Interview stage with Deutsche for last 20 days, I called them today and they told me my CV is still under consideration. Last year I was on the Final round assessment centre with Deutsche but was so unlucky. I could share my experience if you are invited for an interview.



Thats cool Arun!!! Thanks for that…

I will keep you informed about my progress…Do let me know as things develop from your side too!!!