Jp moorgan graduates 2013

J.P. Morgan

Hi everyone ,

Someone does it receive this message from JP MORGAN ?

Dear ********,

Thank you for your application to J.P. Morgan.

We are aware that many of you are either in the process of or have completed online testing. This email is just to remind you that we review all applications as they are submitted, but we do not make any final decisions until the 25 November 2012 deadline. This is to ensure a fair process for all candidates.

Many thanks for your continued patience.

Kind regards,


Hi I just finished the numerical test, and it says under consideration. I applied for finance scheme, i m wondering that i did not pass that one. …should i have a verbal after numerical?
i ve been waiting for 5 days but still no news…



There is no verbal test for finance scheme


just numerical??
so far i know that i did one question wrong… sad…


JP Morgan sent emails out to people who applied to grad apps today signalling that applications are under consideration but you wont hear from them again until after the cut-off 30-Nov to be fair to all candidates


@ JM1212
Does this message mean that it has passed the NUMERICAL TEST ?


I received it too…so guess its the same for everyone then?


I did not receive this email.
I guess i failed the online test…but i am pretty sure i just did one of all questions wrong, so it seems that u should be did them all right to pass the test.


Hi JM1212, where did you apply for? Thanks and good luck :slight_smile:


anyone received the interview invitation?


What division did you apply to?


Just got an invitation to the interview


thats amazing, temmyno1! which division u applied for? hope u could pass it !good luck! i even didnt get the email mentioned on the top. i guess i couldnt get the interview…


temmyno1 which division? location? thanks!


hey guys , i have applied for the finance scheme as well… i have been invited for the online test , can anybody help me how to prepare for these tests ?? can any one please tell me how to get shl tests ???

i will really appreciate if anyone of help me to pass these tests…

cheers guys


@phnx I applied for the technology division. Had my interview yesterday. I’m on for the assessment center.




congrats! I ve not got the interview yet… i thought im on hold… or did not pass the online test. but i m pretty sure i just did one question wrong…
any way, best of luck!! hope you could get the offer!


@Misjulz congratulations - that’s a fast turnaround. Had my interview Wednesday for the PB - haven’t heard anything since. I guess it’s bad news. I wanted it so much - maybe too much :frowning:


Congratulations!!! Good luck to your AC!
By the way, I am quite curious what they asked during your first round interview? Just competency questions or with technical questions? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!