Josh Yudell -- At The Time of Interview Two out of three is not bad


Hi Friends Josh Yudell is here.

The problem with interviews is that both sides are lying to a certain coverage. When the person being interviewed asks “Is this a new position or would I be replacing someone?” the interviewer starts rotating. If it is a new position, then nobody knows what the job will be like really. If it is an existing position, then the response invites the follow up question “is the person who held this post still with the company?” pause “So they could brief me when I arrive”. Now the Interviewer really starts lying.

So, given this situation, how can any normal person ask “will you love the job?” when nobody present at the interview has actually done the job? OK, we have all seen enough interviewers with uncertain sanity, but there is no reason to make a fool of your self.

Two vital questions are not listed. “How much do you want?” and “when can you start?” The two and the remaining two sane questions above are the core of the interview.

Josh Yudell