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Does anyone have anymore information on this, there is very limited information on their graduate schemes online. I know a lot about the audit and things you can be expected to do etc but not so much about the transaction services area in terms of the graduate involvement and role?
Can anyone give me an overview?



Hi, I have applied to TS at PwC for their 2012 intake, and received and email about TS/assurance shared scheme and how it was split. Do you know if you apply for TS you are automatically actually applying for the split scheme? I’m really confused! And I have my partner interview on Wednesday!
Any help would be really appreciated.



Hey Sophie,
I hope your interview went well? Congrats getting that far. I am currently waiting for my final interview to be scheduled and I am starting to feel a bit anxious about how long I’ve been waiting/the lack of contact. I too have applied for the TS/assurance shared scheme and I completed my assessment centre on 11th Nov! I have previously been assured I will not be forgotten about however, despite my best efforts, I have not heard from anyone since before Christmas! I guess I’m just curious to know how long you were waiting following your assessment centre.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Hugh,

Congratulations on getting through to the partner interview! I hope you get a slot soon. When did you last contact Graduate Recruitment about an interview? I doubt they’ve forgotten about you, it’s more likely that busy season is slowing things down, but it might be worth just giving them a call and double checking that you haven’t been forgotten over Christmas. In my experience, Graduate Recruitment are quite happy to help out and, so long as you didn’t call last week to double check, they will understand that you’re getting a bit anxious. Which office did you apply to?

Good luck!



Hey Guys,

First of all, Congratulations on getting this far in the selection process of PwC. Of the 20,000+ applicants who applied for 2012 intake only about 10% make it so far ; you should be proud. Having survived the anxious moments which became days and weeks and even dragged into months, and securing an offer with Transaction Services after 6 months from the date of my application, I can very much relate to what you guys are going through and will do my best to answer to your concerns.

The split scheme is compulsory to begin with for the first 3 years which acknowledges the fact that TS uses a lot of accounting. Also, the qualification that graduate joiners of both TS and Assurance will study towards is also the same (ACA). So yes, for the first 3 years, the graduate joiners’ time is split between TS and Assurance.

Talking about the delay, the main reason I was always given was the non-availability of the senior managers (first round interview) and the partners (final interview) on a consistent basis to interview the candidates. These are very busy people and conducting interviews doesn’t form a part of their job description. So, after taking care of their day jobs first, they will squeeze some time for the interviews and that is when the slots become available. Following up by phone and email is absolutely fine and it might prompt them to consider you with some priority. After calling them couple of times to assure myself that my application was not lost after I had cleared my AC and didn’t hear from them for 2 months, I sent them an email requesting for a slot which got me a call in reply the next day asking me if I would consider a date 4 days away for my partner interview. So , speaking from experience, I would suggest to keep your prep going so that you are not caught short of prep if your partner interview slot shows up suddenly leaving you only 3-4 days and check your PwC candidate homepage regularly. All the people involved in recruitment process are extremely sweet and lovely including and especially the partners. Prep hard and give your best shot in the interview and when you get that call offering you the job, you will know all this is worth it.

I’m happy to help if anyone needs any info. Good luck !


Hey Guys,

Its reassuring to know that I am not the only one who has been waiting for a considerable length of time following the AC. What was (and to some extent, still is) making me feel anxious is the fact the graduate recruiters I have contacted following the New Year (by email and phone) haven’t replied. Must be rushed off their feet with the high volume of applicants!

@ Camaro, congrats on the offer mate, I can appreciate how hard you’ve likely worked for it. I was just wondering what sort of information your partner asked about during your final interview? I’m really hoping that mine (as and when it comes) will be more focused on the service line, business, etc… than more competency qs. I don’t presume our interviewers will be the same or that they will cover identical scripts, but any information you can give me could come in handy.




Thanks pal. I hope you get your slot soon and get this done and over with purely to shed that load of anxiety off your mind. Here’s how my partner interview happened:

Out of experience, I strongly suggest everyone NOT to use Nokia maps if you haven’t seen the location you are interviewing at before the date of interview. I almost got late because of that and had to switch to android to save me and take me there just on time. My partner fetched me from the pool of candidates sitting in the waiting area and took me to a small room. He asked me about my experience so far with the recruitment process, I told him I enjoyed it very much except the delay part. He acknowledged the delay and apologised saying that the high volume of applicants and non-availability of their time caused the delay. He started off telling about himself briefly and asked me to talk about myself. This is where the interview began; whatever I spoke about myself, he asked to elaborate on my statements and/or asked me questions related to them to get the info that is he wanted. Every single thing I said was duly recorded on paper, so one has to be careful to not venture into a land of no return because no answer you give will be accepted at its face value. There is always probing and you should be able to answer them without any problems as long as you didn’t bluff initially which, if you did, makes it difficult to weave fresh stories on the spot. And these guys are too experienced to miss any shred of expression on your face showing that you are caught in your own bluff.

After questioning about my CV for about 20 min., it was time for questions on my business line and my motivation to join PwC. These are the only answers that were accepted without asking for more details than what I gave. This was followed by Competency questions. Nothing fancy , just the main competencies that PwC looks for in its candidates right from the beginning. They were more or less that same questions as the telephonic interview the difference being in the acceptance of answers. Again, every answer is further investigated with different dimensions before moving on.

One of the competency PwC stresses upon from beginning is commercial awareness. Like today, even when my interview took place, the eurozone crisis was keeping the whole media occupied. So I spoke about the crisis and gave a lot of views of my own regarding the situation. The British PM had just vetoed out of the agreement to amend the existing financial policy of the EU and that was discussed in detail. How the entire mess would affect UK economy, world economy and the impact it has on PwC was discussed in detail. He was quite happy with the depth of analysis I ventured into and the fact that I was able to draw links to PwC with the impact and business opportunities the situation offered was appreciated.

It was almost an hour by then and he was getting late for another appointment. So when he asked if I had any questions for him, I told him that I would make it real quick and asked him 3 questions and concluded. He then walked me out having informal talks all the while . That is one part which goes a long way in easing your nerves. The entire experience begins as a casual chat and continues to remain so till the end. The interview in itself was more like a discussion with him trying to understand different perspectives of the instance I was talking about and there were also some lighter moments in between which make it seem like a breeze. Partner interview is a great experience, which gives you a glimpse of how they work in the organisation and the kind of people you would work with. The partners are very humble and nice people with incredibly friendly attitude in spite of their knowledge of business and position in the the company. After all the stress of the preparation, It seems like a stress-buster and one should live that experience.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


Hi Camaro! Just sent you a PM! Would appreciate it if you could reply! :slight_smile:


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