Joining ACA as a Professional With 13 Years' Experience


Hi all, I am professional with 13 years of experience in Finance & accounts but would like to join ACA program . Please can you assist me with following.

  • Do I need to be ICAI member then only I can do ACA?
    *Training program means that I need to leave my job and join ACA employer to get training requirement done? Is their some other route.
  • Can I do ACA as independent student or not.?



Hi there,

Hopefully I can help… If I understand your correctly, then yes, you can register as an independent student and study for the ACA. This means that you have not yet secured an ACA training agreement with an authorised training employer but you are studying towards it.
HOWEVER, you need training experience alongside the exams and you would need an authorised employer to sign this off for you as evidence.
This is because to qualify as an ACA you need to have all four of the elements: exams, practical work experience, professional development and ethics and professional scepticism.

Is the firm you currently work with an ICAEW authorised employer? If so then they can sign it off for you. If not you need to consider moving to a firm that is!

Hope this helps. Good luck!