John Lewis Telephone Interview


Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum but have been reading it a lot in the last two years and I know it is of invaluable help!

Has anyone reached the Telephone Interview Stage with John Lewis?

I am applying to the Finance Scheme and the email states ’ The questions will focus on your knowledge of our business and there will be some scheme specific questions to access your suitability for the role.’

Anyone who had experience with these?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Nadia
Have you had you interview?
What kind of questions were you asked?


Hi, I haven’t had the interview yet. I’ve got it in the middle of next week. Do you have an interview as well?


Hey Nadia… Have you had the interview yet? how did it go? There isn’t much info online about it :S hope it went well if you’ve already had it. What sort of questions did they ask?



I just booked a phone for next week. (buyer) Has anyone any tips? I couldn’t find any infos around.



Hi Nadia,

I also have a telephone interview coming up for the same role, how was the interview?

What kind fo questions did they ask? any information woudld be great.



Hi Lissa, my questions were absolutely the same but for finance. The last question was strengths and threats of john lewis and then I was asked to add anything I wanted. I have an assessment centre next Wednesday. Anyone else ac?


Hi Nadia,

I also had the same questions, and have been invited to a test centre next week starting at 9:30 am.

I am a little concerned about the numerical and maths test at the A/C, since i have read in other forums that they are more about financial judgement and not like the SHL ones we have been given previously.

let me know if you have any other information.

Lisa - have you had attended the A/C yet?



Hi everyone,
I’ve had my phone interview for the Retail Management scheme, just waiting to hear back but I am worried because the interview was really short and lasted only 10 minutes.

Can others who’ve had it let me know how long their interviews lasted? I tried to be concise and not waffle on…


Hi Jay, how long was yours supposed to be?

Mine had to be 20 but it ended up being 30 considering I talked too much on the last part which was ‘Anything else you want to add?’

I would recommend you wait for their response as I thought my interview went horribly but actually I got through so maybe your nerves made you worried. :slight_smile:


Hi Kiran,

There won’t be any psychometric tests at any A/C. There might be something scheme-specific for Day 2, which I am worried about. Where did you read about it?

When do you have your A/C?

Nadia :slight_smile:


Hi Nadia,

Mine was suppose to be 20 but actually lasted around 10-12 so I was a bit worried that my answers were too short due to nerves mainly.

I am still waiting so keeping my fingers crossed. Well done on your progression and good luck for the rest of the process.


Hi Nadia,

My A/C is on the 19th at 9:30am.

Ive just had a look on the graduate website and it does not say there will be a numerical or any other sort of test, however it does say that there will be indiviual and group exercise. Also, in the 2011 forum a candidate speaks of a finance, mathimatical and judgement test she took. So overall im not 100% sure if there will be.

Are you sure they wont be any?

See you on the day.


Hi All,

Congrats to all that passed the telephone interview! I’m currently waiting to book a slot for mine. Do any of you remember any specific questions you got asked? I gather from reading the forum that the question about JL’s strengths and weaknesses is common, and the “what would you add”. Any help would be much appreciated. Good luck to all those with assessment centre invites …


Hi Nadia and Kiran,

I hope your assessment centre went well. Do you have any tips or advice for others? I am attending an assessment in February.

Many Thanks,



Hi guys!

Anyone has been invited to an AC? I have mine in February. Any hints?

I’d really appreciate any help since this will be my first AC. :slight_smile:

Ps the email says I’ll do individual exercises and a presentation but I was expecting team works for the first day. Am I wrong?

Thanks a lot!


Hi P.antonietta,

What scheme did you apply for and what questions did they ask you during the telephone interview?