John Lewis IT Graduate Assessment

IT Graduate

Hello there. I have been invited to an assessment day of John Lewis IT Graduate Training Scheme. All I was told was that there would be a presentation on the scheme, a short interview and an aptitude test. Has anyone attended this first assessment before? Just wondering what to expect, what sort of questions, aptitude test, e.t.c. I called the recruitment line but they seemed sort of discreet about letting much info on the assessment. Was only told there would be a diagrammatic test. Any help or tips would be appreciated, as Ive only got a week. Thanks.


Once you go there, you and all the other candidates will be taken to a room where will will be a series of presentations telling you about life at john lewis, their future plans etc. After that each candidate will be given a paper based test. It will be more like a passage giving you tons of information. Then, there will be about 40 questions (i dont really remember) in which you would have to process the data contained in the passage and answer the questions.
After this each of you will be individually called for a 10 min. short interview about basic things such as tell us about a time when you had to…blah blah.
Once this is done, your assessment is done. If you are successful in it, you will be called for a final interview.