Jobs other than accountancy and IB for economics graduates

Civil Service Fast Track

Im currently doing an MSc in Economics and need to start applying for jobs. I really want to be an economist. I know the civil service is a big recruiter but where else can i go to pursue such a career?


Hi jayjay

I know it’s a bit different…but have you considered a writing career? There’s a real shortage of financial journalists who actually know their stuff. I know that Bloomberg is definitely hiring at the moment.


cheers just what i was looking for!
also do some consultancy firms have economist roles, i know pwc does but do any of the others?


If u are doing macro - try international organisations - if you are interested in the energy sector, than try International Energy Agency or OPEC (if u r citizen of one of the OPEC memebers). u can also try EBRD - very good place to work (a lot of benefits + non taxable income, etc.) or ECB or NATO - they all need economists.
U can also try consultancies, but not the ones like Bain or BCG, but like NERA - u can find the list at wikijob.

If u are doing microeconomics - then the best place is corporates - u can choose any industry u want.