What does strengths that you possess mean?


Hi, these pages might help you Think about YOUR biggest strengths and the strengths you have the job will require.


Hello, strengths means what you are good at, your abilities and skills. You should have a good look at the job description and make sure you related your answers to this. For example, if one of the essential criteria is to work as part of a team. You could highlight your communication skills and and ability to build strong relationships


It’s as simple as saying what are you good at …clearly they don’t want to know how good you are at Monopoly but rather skills that would be useful in the work place. Don’t pick loads, just a top three unless you’re told a number.


Be realistic! Consider your strengths/capabilities - eg what have you brought to particular scenarios? Think about a project at university (we’ve all done them) - what was it that you did well? Writing reports/summaries for example, or time-keeping/scheduling team tasks, or analysing the research findings of the team?