Job Offer Help


Hi guys,

I am currently applying for graduate training roles and have received an offer this week for a CTA training position.
My problem is however that I’m not 100% sure it’s what I want to do after going to that last interview, the interviewers really made me doubt myself and whether my heart really is in the CA route.

Now I received the letter late due to the postal strikes, about 2 days late, so I thought I better send a quick email to acknowledge I received it.
I never explicitly said in the email that I was accepting the job though, I said I would endeavour to get the documents back to them next week at some point, but I have received an email back saying they are delighted I’m accepting the offer. So I’m a bit scared now.

What would you guys suggest I do now? What is a reasonable time frame to consider an offer for?
I am also completely unsure what notice I would have to give my current workplace due to the difficult situation in the office with staffing, which is further adding to my doubts.

Any help much appreciated guys!


I suggest take it. Any job you can get take it especially in the current market conditions.

In any case, do you have any other interviews coming up in the near future? This could be a factor in whether you take it or not.

Let me know.



I have an interview tommorrow morning for a CA training position, an assessment centre on 04/11 and another firm are arranging interviews in Nov too which I’ll be invited to.
All the other applications I have made are currently just starting to shortlist etc, this is why it’s such a difficult situation! :S


Hi Chris

I would personally go down the CA/ACA route, both are very respected in the professional world. How confident are you in terms of securing a CA/ACA contract? If you feel you can secure a contract then reject the offer! Just my opinon though :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!