Job offer contract help! (urgent)


Hi Guys,

cutting a long story short

I signed a contract last week to start training with a firm in December, but another firm has just offered me a training contract starting next year for a qualification I’d rather do (keeping names etc out of description).
How should I go about getting out of this?

I haven’t started with the first firm, but did sign the contract

Any help appreciated!


Call up the Dec firm and explain the situation has changed and unfortunately you can’t commit to the contract. Happens all the time don’t worry.


Hey Chris,

Hope you managed to sort out turning down the original program.

Does anyone have an idea as to generally how good are companies at informing you that they have received your acceptance of an offer? I sent one off to a company (I dont want to reveal the name as they only take a couple of grads in finance per year) a couple of weeks ago, however i havent heard anything, i tried phoning but the recruitment officer is on holiday and i dont have any other details for the company.

I realise its christmas and so post may be slowed down because of this - but i have the ‘fear’ that my acceptance has been lost in the post…

Would a company be forgiving if this happened in missing their deadline for acceptance?

A worried Lil.x