Job offer conditional on 2:1 and then you get a 2:2...



I was wondering if anyone knew what happens if you apply to the Big 4, get a job offer, conditional on you getting a 2:1 or above, and then you unexpectedly graduate with a 2:2?

Does anyone know how likely the company is to withdraw your offer?

Do the big 4 tend to overlook small shortfalls? Or are they really strict even if you were only a few marks away?



Hi Dasha, the only way to really find out is to talk to them.

It will likely depend to some extent on whether you had the opportunity to impress in other ways through the process. Did you for example have interviews or assessments. If you made a good impression that might help.

Unfortunately though some of the large firms often have enough people hitting the grades and may siply say no on the basis of your result.

Never fear though, with the right attitude you’ll find your way into a firm to do your professional exams, you may just have to start elsewhere.

Anyway, that’s for another day. Call them and find out.