Job offer and then you get a 2:2



I was just wondering if anybody knew what the big 4 (and GT & BDO) policy is on the above scenario.
For example you are a final year student at University expecting a 2:1, you get an offer from one of the firms I mentioned (minimum requirement 2:1), and then unfortunately you just missed out on a 2:1. What would happen? Would the offer be retracted?

If anybody knows or think they might know what would happen I would be really interested to hear,




Sorry for posting the topic twice…its the first one I have done!


it is subjective i think, it is entirely up to them and depends on competition. If other graduates get the job offer and get 2.1, perhaps, considering other qualities, firms make their decision. so everything is weighed i guess.


I have heard of Magic Circle law firms letting people off with this, but cant comment on big 4. You would very much be in the lap of the gods though and it totally depends on circumstance and just how much they like you. Personally I had a few rubbish results in January of the final year of my degree which meant I needed an average of 67 in my final exams to get a 2:1 - I was up against it. I busted a gut, stayed up for 3 nights in a row to perfect my coursework, drunk copius amounts of Red Bull, (and was sick several times as a result) and somehow managed to come out with an average of 75 in my last few exams. I suggest you do the same!


I know someone who had an offer from KPMG and then got a 2:2 - they let him off. He didn’t have any extenuating circumstances either, although I have no idea what he told them.


I know someone this happened to. the offer was rescinded and they had to find another job. Think this is more likely to happen nowadays with companies looking to trim costs…


There aren’t any other conditions attached to the offer are there? The contract I signed with Deloitte says I need a 2.1 which I should do easily - I need to average 53.3% this year to get a 2.1 overall. But my attendence at uni isn’t great as I live an hour away and so it’s normally easier to spend 3 hours revising rather than spending an hour each way on the bus for a 50minute tutorial, this won’t affect anything as long as I get the 2.1 right?


Yeah the 2:1 is all that matters.


I have a friend who did physics, he was offered a place at citibank on a 2.1, got a 2.2. and was still accepted. There is hope : )