Job Market


Can anybody give me some advice with my current situation?

I graduated last June with a 2:1 and still cannot get employment. I worked in a sales job from the June to October but quit as it ended up costing money to go to work 60 hour weeks. Before I took that job I had been unsuccessful in 2 interviews. Since October I have had 1 telephone interview, an informal meeting with an employer, 3 face to face interviews with another one in 3 days time. AON Hewitt for everyones attention did not even bother calling or emailing to say it was a no.

The other two responded positively and gave me feedback on what to work on. One of the employers passed my CV onto someone they knew which is the informal meeting I had and I am currently waiting to hear back from him if i will be invited to an interview.

The worst thing about it is everyone is telling me I am doing the right thing and its only a matter of time but I just cant see it anymore. I have no money, no life at the moment, and cannot afford direct debits for my overdraft, my phone bill, petrol etc. I get up every day at 6 and apply for jobs, have my CV everywhere it possibly can be, network with people who know people and so on and so on. Its a total slap in the face when several people from my course are getting jobs who didnt do as well as me.

I am going to sign on this week and cant believe I have to lower myself to benefits.

Any advice is welcome!