Job Interview Questions and Answers


This is the 10 common interview questions:

i.Tell Me About Yourself?

Ans:-Tell a brief introduction of who you are as a person and show how you articulate you are.Don’t start speaking about your personal history.

ii.What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Ans:-Just you think about what others have said about you.

iii.What Salary Are You Expecting For?

Ans:-What amount of salary do you expect out of your work is very important,the labour and energy that you devote for your work will be the key factor.

You don’t have to answer this question at the interview, and you can try to deflect this question until you’ve received an offer. Tell the interviewers that you want to hold off on salary talk until the both of you know that you’re right for the job.

iv.Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

Ans:- You can read up everything about the company and think about what the company culture is and what its goals are from the company website or article or any social media profile.

v.Where Do You See Yourself in a Few Years?

Ans:- Just think about your career and how you can move forward from the position you’re eying.But don’t tell about your personal life plan.

vi.Are You Interviewing With Other Companies?

Ans:-Try not to spend too much time on this question and answer briefly,just tell honesty don’t lie.

vii.What Can You Do For This Company?

Ans:-Just think about why you would do a good job at the position and what steps you would take to achieve that. Bring in new ideas and examples of what you have done in the past that has benefited your previous companies.

viii.Why Do You Want to Leave or Why Did You Leave Your Current Job?
Ans: You should answer in such manner so that it holds a positive feel of mind. For example you can answer like - “as i believe there is no end of educating oneself and for the same you need a constant research, but unfortunately in last company i did not found time for research and growth.”

ix.Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Ans:-Just Asking good questions that you an reveal a lot of your personality and can be the most important part of the interview.Don’t try to focus on salary, benefits, and getting promoted. Focus more on what you can do for the company and not what the company can do for you.

x.When Did You Have to Deal With Conflict in the Office, and How Did You Resolve It?

Ans:-You should always be positive because this reflects the fact that you take conflict well. The best examples will come from your past experiences if you have then Talk about a problem you faced and detail the steps you proactively took to resolve the problem.