Job Contracts



To those who have accepted job offers, do the firms state when you have to sign the contract by? Generally, how long do they give you?

Has anyone been in the dilemma of receiving a job offer and maybe still awaiting results from another firm that you prefer more?
That would be horrible, as you may decline the offer thinking this other firm is better and then not receive an offer from them! :o



I think most companies do set a deadline. PwC gave me 4 weeks and I think 3-4 weeks is the norm. If you are waiting on results/ to be invited to an assessment centre you can usually ask the company to extend the deadline. PwC wanted to know why I wanted to extend and I just told them the truth, that I had applied to another big4 company and would like to compare offers. They gave me an extension of another 8 weeks (so 12 in total) but they did warn me that if positions filled up inbetween they may not be able to guarantee a job in the office/service line I had chosen. In the end I accepted PwC’s offer within 6 weeks.


Thanks whya,

So how were they when you said you were awaiting the outcome of another interview? Were they cool about it? My friend got offered a job and she only had a week to decide! So i suppose it varies.



A week is a really short time to decide! I guess it depends a lot on the company, I thought 3-4 weeks was normal for most graduate schemes.

When I asked for an extension PwC were fine about it. I got the impression that an extension of a couple of weeks wouldn’t have been a problem at all. As I was asking for quite a long extension they gave me the extension but did warn me that if I left it too late, I might need to choose another service line or office. I applied to a regional office where they only take on about 3 graduates in my service line, so basicly if those 3 places filled up before I’d accepted the offer, I would have had to choose something else. I applied early though (June 08 for sep 09 start) so I was confident that I had a couple of months before all the positions would start to go. If I had applied later, I might not have been willing to take the risk of the extension (and maybe PwC wouldn’t have been willing to give it).

If your friend wants more time to decide she should conisider calling the company and asking them. As long as she is polite then even if they don’t give an extension it shouldn’t have any negative effects.