JCB Assesssment Centre - Purchasing Graduate


Hi everyone,

Having recently attended the JCB assessment centre for Purchasing at their Head Office a while back I was completely shocked as to how they treat the candidates. They did not offer any reimbursement for train fare/hotel stay to get the A/C, one candidate even traveled from another country and he did not recieve anything. I was told during the interview that the the routine and discipline whilst working for JCB is “extremely militaristic”, which was quite worrying.

Oh, they don’t ring you up telling you you have failed the A/C. They stick a generic letter in the post entitled “Dear Candidate” and offer no indication as to why you failed. Very much like being at school when you dump your girlfriend via text. When I emailed the HR after recieving the letter I was told it would not be possible to recieve detailed feedback due to there being so many candidates at the day (there was 12).

All in all, this is just my point of view. Look into into it how much you want, but it certainly made me aware of how some companies treat candidates.



P.S their deadline has been extended until May.


Hi! Thanks for sharing. Could you please share if you have some time what has been included in the actual assessment day?