James Cowper LLP anyone?


Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard of or applied to James Cowper LLP in Reading. Cant find any information about them on this site. Thanks in advance, :slight_smile:


Hi Jenson

I have applied and will be attending a selection day next week.

Do you also have one next week?


Hello Futurebound,

phew. thanks for replying.

i also have a selection day on Wednesday 23rd. when is yours?


ps: sorry i replied late. had a busy weekend.


Hi guys, i applied there too. And I have a selection day on the 23rd as well. I was wondering, is there anyway to prepare for it?


Hi Oxleyy,

i was wondering the same. because i’m not really sure about how much to prepare. except for taking a look at in-tray exercises and how it works.

do you know if there will be numerical and verbal tests like SHL etc?


Well all the information I have is just based on the letter they sent me. I doubt there will be any tests, because they haven’t mentioned anything on list of events planned for that day.
Eitherways, I am planning to call them tomorrow to find out in detail. I’d say read a bit about what’s happening in the industry because I feel that is bound to come up in the interview.


yeah, i thought as much, its great to find other people attending the day though. are you travelling far?


Yeah, I am travelling in from Birmingham. What about yourself?


Travelling from Essex. Wasn’t nervous until now that i know its only a day away.


Don’t worry, its going to be fine hopefully.


hi everyone i was just wondering how did everyone get on, has anyone received any responses from James Cowper


I found it amazing. If im going to get through is in God’s hands as i havent heard back yet but the assessment day was the best i’ve ever attended. no unnecessary pressure and alll the managers were so genuine. im sure you guys know this already but cant help but say.


sorry has anyone heard from james cowper, i had an offer from them about a month ago ad was wondering if anyone else had received an offer


Hey guyz, I am going to the assessment centre next week. Could any one of you give me a brief explanation of what i should expect on the day. What were the tasks? Plz all help will be much appreciated



Any body there?


i applied for customer adviser role with lloyds bank and i have been invited for an assessment. Can anyone give me a hint on what to expect and how i can be most prepared for this interview.