James Cowper Assessment Centre


Hello Every one,

I am going to James Cowper Assessment centre on 19th March. I haven’t got a clue what to expect from it. Has any one of you been to James Cowper assessment centre. If you have then please tell me a brief overview of what happened. Any help will be much appreciated. Or is any one of you also going there?


Im going to be attending the assessment centre on the 19th also, I also don’t have a clue about what is expected of you.


Where are you travelling from?


Im coming from Oxford so not very far from Newbury. Where are you travelling from?


I am coming all the way down from London. Its gonna be a long drive in the morning.


Has anyone got a reply and received any feedback yet after the selection day on the 19th?



Hey there,

Just found out that I didn’t get it.


No, I didn’t get it either…I asked for feedback but no phonecall yet. What about you?

Has anyone else got a reply or received any feedback?

Well just got to keep trying with these things!


Hi! Its been almost 3 years there is someone in this forum. I have an assessment day with james cowper and was wondering If anyone has any tips or if they had numerical and verbal tests? It only says in tray exercises/group interviews and 2 team exercises.


I have also been invited to their Selection Day on the 10th of February. Where are you coming from?


Hi, I am coming from east london, with public transport so it will be an early start for me :slight_smile: How about you?


I am coming from Bristol! I guess I will practice some numerical and verbal reasoning tests since they didn’t sent me any to complete at home, so I guess there will be some at the assessment. I will also practice my interview skills and then hope for the best!


Yeah same here, i am going to prepare for the tests and some interview questions. I don’t think there is much we can do on team exercises. Good luck to both of us and fingers crossed!


Anyone got it? I’m in:)