Jaguar Landrover Finance Department Assessment Centre


Hi everyone,

I’ve been booked into an assessment centre next week, for an experienced hire role in the finance department at Jaguar Landrover.

My day consists of:

Role Play,
Behavioural Interview,
Technical Interview

I have never done a role play, so any advice on this would be much appreciated. Also in regards to the technical interview, does anyone know how technical they will be wanting me to go. Perhaps some example questions if anyone might know of some.

If anyone else has been to this assessment centre and could give me some advice that would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance


role play is the quite an advance one compared with a couple of ones I had with banking before. play your role as a finance person here i.e. numbers and controls, but bear in mind decisions need to take non-numerical info into a/c. You will get reminded this a lot in the exercise so don’t worry. read through the material quickly because time is short. my exercise was about a budget cut exercise. after reading the material you will need to draft a year-on-year plan, and have a meeting with a non-finance person to check if the plan works. take notes, then change plan, draft email after the meeting. done

you do not need to worry too much about technical interview, really it’s mostly general finance stuff. maybe think about a couple of KPIs you have used or saw others used at work to improve performance/efficiency. manufacturing sector loves KPIs I must say.

good luck and let me know if you got offered a place!