Jaguar Land Rover (Product Development Assessment Day) 2012

Jaguar Land Rover

Assessment Days have started for this role again, anyone been to the first couple before the new year? Got any advice, hints or tips on what material they cover this year?
The post for last years is very helpful but I assume they change the scenarios in the role playing for the new intake.

Product Development assesment day structure;

Group Role Play
Individual Role Play
Structured Interview
Technical Presentation

Any advice would be most appreciated .

Regarding people who have completed online tests, it appears from studying last years posts that, if you haven’t had a reply yet they are working their way round to you but others applications may have been stronger and they are getting priority assesment dates.


They have just starting reviewing the undergraduate applications for those like myself according to the e-mail I recieved yesterday.

I wish you all the best with your AC and hope you come back to provide details!


I too am looking for advice on what the interviews consist of as I was invited to an assessment centre today. Any help is appreciated! (Also where is the post concerning last years interviews mentioned above?)


If you have a look down the topics is still in the first page of topics, its titled Jaguar Assessment days.


Anyone been to one yet that can share information?


When do you have ur assessment?


The 25th of January, do you have one coming up?


When did you guys hear about the assement day? I got an email before Christmas saying they were reviewing all placements so I’m assuming if I’ve not heard then I haven’t got it?


I heard late November for an assessment day in December but couldn’t make it so they rescheduled for January. I would just wait until they send a definite no before ruling it out though.


I have mine on 17th jan. I wanted more info about technical presentation. Has anyone attended already?


Hello everyone! I am interested about more information about the technical interview as well…Does anyone can tell me more? I mean, is this about general technical stuff like we are learning in the University, is from our previous jobs, or what? Can someone give us a few examples of questions asked in this technical interviews? I will really appreciate this…

Thank you very much!


I believe from previous accounts you will be asked to present something of your own. So something of interest, your dissertation? Just refresh on something you know, it’ll be more about your presenting skills and how you can deliver information than how technical the content is.

Once you’ve had your day don’t forget us all here and share your experience :stuck_out_tongue:

edit I realised today is the 17th and this information is now useless to you, good luck, let us know how you got on.


I need to do an online test by friday, I believe it is conducted by Saville. I need to do numerical,verbal and diagramtic tests and I just wanted to know if anyone has done it recently if it was a harder than the practice tests on the Saville website as they seem fairly simple but they only give 8 questions for each section in the example.


The numerical and verbal are just your usual questions but if you’ve not done the diagrammatic type test before search for anymore examples you can get. Also get a way of working them out on paper, make a system and get comfortable with it.


Thanks for the response.

I have been practicing various different tests including the ones on the shl sites and I even bought the assessment day pack and I know the company jaguar is using is Saville consulting.

It is just that the shl and assement day seem to be 3 times as difficult and it takes a lot longer to complete them but when I do the PDFs on the Saville website I can complete them in 2/3 of the allocated time getting over 90% in each test.

I am just looking for someone to say if they are similar to the SHL/ assessment day tests or similar to the saville tests?


Last year I believe it was SHL online then Saville at the assessment day, but this year its saville at both. Just need to go for it I guess, i’m not great at the tests but i managed it.


So it is saville, One last question befor you go. How did the actual tests compare to the ones on the sites pdfs for practice?


Hi Jabba,

I got to do my online test by saturday. Any recommendations for practise?


I did the tests last week - currently waiting for a response. I found the questions themselves fairly straight forward (though make sure you completely understand the diagramatic reasoning from the practice questions before your start as there isn’t time to familiarise yourself with the rules afterwards) but I fell down with the timing. The tests were each split up into two sections of 4 questions, and you had 3 minutes to do all 4. This was a lot tighter than most of the other tests I’ve done, when I’ve usually had at least a minute a question. If you’re okay with the timing you should be able to deal with this. And they were, at least, relatively short!


They are pretty much the same, maybe a little more difficult but that may just be the time limit that makes them appear to be.